11 Kuwaitis going to perform at London Olympics 2012

11 Kuwaitis going to perform at London Olympics 2012

Fahad Al Daihani: Skeet target shooting, he was the first ever Kuwaiti to join Olympic Games back in year 2000 in Sydney.
Faye Sultan: She’s the first Kuwaiti female Olympian swimmer, so… proud of her and I really wish her all the best. Maryam Al Rezooqi: 10 metre Airgun.
Fahad Al Daihani: Double trap target shooting.
Ibrahim Hassan: Table tennis.
Talal Al Rashidi: Single trap target shooting.
Ali Al Zankawi: Hammer throw.
Mohammed Al Azmi: 800 metre race.
Yousef Al Askari: 200 metres freestyle swimming.
Abdulaziz Al Mandeel: 110 metres hurdles.
Abdullah Al Rashidi: Skeet target shooting.

We wish our champions all the best and we are truly proud to say that we’re going to support them and spread their news during the Olympics, I really wish to see Kuwaiti flag waving.

Courtesy: Bananaq8 and Buzzberry

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