Peace Song ( Studio version 2012 ) by Karrouhat Band , Kuwait .

Karrouhat Band played the song on Peace One Day 21 Sep 2012 live at CAP
Lyrics & composing by Basil Al7adi
Peace One Day Kuwait Global Truce 2012
Peace One Day Jeremy Gilley 2012

Karrouhat Bank :
Karrouhat Studio (the factory) ,A Visual and Sound Art project , it sends a planetary messages released by individuals’ interaction with the social reality, Committed to support the alternative art of music and film making industry.
“It is not that necessary to obtain a high-tech expensive devices, as much as having the capacity of open-enlightened brain” – Basil 7adi
Karrouhat is not and will never be shaped in a specific way, it is an idea where the changes around us could be accommodated and represented, and where each individual on this lonely planet plays a role in this humanity project.

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