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MAKE THAT SHOT – Session 1

Learn and practice the basics of photography, and get out of the  automatic setting on your camera! In 5 hours, we cover exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, composition and basic portraiture. Let’s be honest though, it’s also a ton of FUN!
Lead by professional photographers, participants are given tools and an opportunity to explore alot with their cameras, and are given learning objectives. So be a part of this Photographic Voyage which will take your skills to the next level.
Detailed description of Event:
The Photowalk will be open to all Photography clubs, groups and individuals in Kuwait. This Event will consist of a Photowalk along the Beautiful Persian Gulf Beach. The route will be finalized very soon and updated here.

Event Entrance Price will be K.D.10/- to receive your badge which covers the cost for the Club organizing the event and training being offered.

The Tickets for the event are ready. Collect them at your convenient locations:
Salmiya Collection Centre Haroon Hashmi 66241155
Fahaheel Collection Centre Waqas Yasin Amin 60076078
Adailiyah/Khaitan Collection Centre Adil Javed 97213032

Photography topics to be covered:
- Beginner and Enthusiast Photography Training
- Explanation of Camera controls and operations – Canon & Nikon
- Portrait Photography
- Outdoor Lighting
- Sunrise Photography
- Automobile Photography
Looking forward for Sponsors to display their equipments.
This event is encouraged for all levels of Photographers from Beginner to Pro. All types of cameras are welcomed from Cell Phone Camera, Point and Shoot and DSLR.
If you are new to Photography, you will able to learn your gear, make most out of it and meet other Photography like minded people.

Kuwait Battle Royale

 Location: GUST Main Auditorium

Entry Fee: FREE

Date: November 15 & 16 Thursday & Friday

Time: 4PM

Limit 64 people per game

Video link:

Registration starts Sunday November 4th

- Hardee’s الشامية 7- 11PM Sunday + Wednesday

- GUST everyday 11AM – 3PM

Registration outside of Kuwait:

Send SMS to (+965) 9760 3181 with name/nickname + games and/or Ryan Hart exhibition


Thursday November 15 Schedule:

Ryan Hart Exhibition (SF) + Tournament

Friday November 16 Schedule:

Rest of Tournament & Finals

All games double elimination



Best of 3 rounds, Best of 3 match

SF4 Top 8 + Grand Final:

Best of 3 rounds, Best of 5 Match (Grand Final winners advantage)



Best of 3 match

UMvC3 Top 8 + Grand Final:

Best of 5 match (Grand Final winners advantage)



Best of 3 rounds, Best of 3 match

P4A Top 8 + Grand Final:

Best of 3 round, Best of 5 match (winners advantage)



Best of 5 rounds, Best of 3 match

TTT2 Top 8 + Grand Final:

Best of 5 rounds, Best of 5 match (winners advantage)


Prizes: SF + UMvC3

1st: 600KD

2nd: 300KD

3rd: 100KD

4th + 5th: 50KD


Prizes P4A + TTT2

1st: 300KD

2nd: 150KD

3rd: 50KD

4th + 5th: 25KD

Future Shorts Film Festival – Autumn Season // Nov 4

The Future Shorts Festival is the biggest pop up film festival of its kind, showcasing the most exciting short films from around the world.

This season, Future Shorts Festival will travel to over 172 countries and 547 cities with more than 75,000 people experiencing a showcase of the best short films from around the world.

Future Shorts celebrates the best and most innovative short films, connecting global stories with global audiences.

The Autumn Season will feature the following short films:

Café Regular, Cairo – Ritesh Batra

A Brief History of John Baldessari – Ariel Schulman & Henry Joost

Rite – Michael Pearce

The Black Balloon – Ben Safdie & Joshua Safdie

On The Line – Reto Caffi

Special Live Music Set after the Screening.

Seats are limited, doors will close at 7:30 pm


When approaching from Salmiya, take 4th Ring Road. Exit before Gulf Bank at Rd. 21. Take the first right. Drive approx 1 KM to reach the Life Center. The building is across from the Shuwaikh Immigration Dept. and houses Eureka, Midas, Hayat communications & CAP. CAP is on the second floor.

30 years old beverages been favorite and consumed in Kuwait.

Abdullah (Kuwaiti) performed live with Enrique as his fan.

One Kuwaiti named Abdullah got chance to perform with Enrique on stage as his fan in Dubai at Burj Halifa.