Traffic Control Plan on Kuwait Constitution Day.

On 10th November, The Gulf road from greenisland to Kuwait towers will be close. Governor Science Assistant Interior Undersecretary, Director General of traffic, major General Dr. Mustafa Hussein Al Zaabi, General Directorate of traffic taken all preparations and arrangements for the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution of the State of Kuwait which falls this Saturday 10th of November 2012, which is dear to the heart of every memorial day.

The General Directorate of traffic will several conversions of distance 4 km on Gulf Street the previous day to celebrate Friday, 9/11/2012 ring junction begins with the Arabian Gulf Street until the intersection with Gulf Street fence towards Shuwaikh.
Major General said Dr. Al Zaabi, it will close the day Gulf road ring junction with Gulf Street until the intersection of railings with Arabian Gulf Street directions and exits leading to the site on Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 6 am until the end of the celebration because a laser and fireworks display on the Arabian Gulf Street, to provide an opportunity for citizens to celebrate this historic occasion cherished by every Kuwaiti.

He noted it would Gulf Street junction III with the Gulf until the intersection of fence with pedestrian and Gulf markets and celebrations, adding that parking with special needs and the elderly and State guests will be in arenas near dasman Palace Alumni Association.

All parking near the site, as well as the positions of cooperative societies and sports clubs are available to the public and will be transported to the site by public transport buses, noting that these sites include (Yacht Club positions, McDonald’s restaurant parking, parking restaurant s Akari, Naif chicken restaurant, parking and parking grounds, as people will allocate special buses to transport the public positions of the Federation of handball, private institutes, Association, Association da’iya Shea, as well as special buses will be allocated to transport public parking Association Eastern, Eastern market positions, and positions the fish market).

He called on major General Dr. Mustafa Al-Zaabi, citizens and residents need to cooperate with traffic congestion and mobility until the completion of the ceremony, and not to leave any valuable collectibles to cars so don’t treat for theft and abide by traffic rules and not block traffic to allow smooth flow and allow for car services to carry out their tasks. He noted that there is an integrated coordination between all the relevant security agencies.

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