Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Bridge – Subiya Causeway

Kuwait signed a contract for the long-delayed $2.6 billion (2.04 billion euro) causeway project with a consortium led by South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co, the local partner said.

The causeway, to be named after late emir Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah, is to link the capital Kuwait City with the northern Subbiya area, which is to become home to the Silk City project.

The project involves construction of 2 sea bridges, one linked to Subbiyah and the other linked to Doha. The first bridge that will be linked to Subbiyah is considered as the main bridge and will be stretching at a length of 37.5 kms beginning from the intersection of Ghazali Street with Jamal Abdul Nasser Street passing through the Kuwait Bay area at the southern direction and ending at the Subbiyah highway. The second bridge which will be linked to Doha will be stretching at a length of 16 kms and will be passing through the Kuwait Bay area, towards the west, it will also pass through the island of Umm Al Namil reaching to Ras Ashairij and then to the Doha highway. The project will also include 2 man made islands of 30 hectares; one on the northern side and the other on the southern side of the bridge which will house maintenance and traffic emergency buildings, fueling stations and boat docks.

There would be two artificial islands and shopping stores.

Video of project

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  1. ashraf ali agha says:

    Mabrook such a fruitfull bridge,……………

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  3. Asser Ibrahim Abdelmaksoud says:

    its the longest causeway in the meddle east ,its impoertant for kuwait and GCC countries
    Engineer/ Asser Abdelmaksoud
    project manager for Suez canal bridge in Egypt ( cable stayed bridge ) the hightest one in Africa

  4. Mohammad Shafat Kader Siddiky says:

    Hi, we have similar upcoming cable stayed bridge project in Bangladesh and therefore i am looking for an engineering and construction company in Kuwait as partner who has got experience of constructing cable stayed bridge

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