My name is Palestine , #kuwait #palestine

My name is Palestine, I have been under occupation since 1948. Since then, my people have been killed everyday. From unborn children being ripped out of pregnant women, to the elders being dragged out of their homes, beaten up brutally, knocked down on their knees and lined up to be killed. Mothers lose their children everyday, wives are left widowed and children are left orphans. My people live in fear everyday, knowing that any minute, their front door will be kicked down by Israeli soldiers and will be shot down one by one. Knowing that their children, mothers and fathers may never return home due to being killed by the Zionists.

My children are seen as terrorists because they throw stones at the Zionists tanks and drones. The media has made me look like a terrorist state and my people as the enemy. The media makes Zionists look like the victim. The media makes it look okay for an illegal state under the International Law to take over the home of innocents. (Via Saima)

My name is Palestine. I exist. My people exist. And though I don’t exist in the media’s and Zionists eyes, though I don’t exist on the map, I exist in the heart of millions around the world.

What to tell and what not :-(

I have a lot of to tell you about my self but i hope this below picture is self explanatory.

Check out in below video that how beautiful i was in before 1948.

Scenery, photos, and culture from the beautiful land of Palestine.

Find yourself in below video, My youth had same dreams as you have now.

My Pain

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