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Layout your talent in Kuwait #kuwait

Dear Photographers, Sketch Artists, Graffiti Artists and Painters, Its time to layout your work to Kuwait and show your talent & skills to public in MARINA CRESCENT, Kuwait. JustĀ  choose your category of art (Photography, Sketching, Graffiti or Painting and send to us with following information. …

1: Full Name
2: Contact Number
3: Nationality
4: Link (Flickr, facebook, Website…..anylink…etc) to show us your work. and send to us via following email :
(Note : Soon organisers will contact you for rules and as per strategy maximum numbers of artist will get chance to display there work in Marina Crescent, Kuwait. )

Video message from Kim Kardashian to Kuwait #kuwait @kimkardashian

  • Disclaimer : This video has been published and shared from youtube for all of you and to keep updating the concerned subscribers without any purpose of promoting or demoting any personality or brand.

Kim Kardashian is coming to Kuwait to launch the new Millions of Milkshakes at the Avenues on November 29th 2012.

Proud of Kuwait’s Women’s Football team! 1-1 tie with Maldives. Kuwait #kuwait

Proud of Kuwait’s Women’s Football team! 1-1 tie with Maldives.
It was a last minute goal.
Location : Qadsiya Stadium, Kuwait.

Palestine Cultural Exhibition – Kuwait #kuwait

Palestine Cultural Exhibition – Kuwait
For more info check flyer
Via LWDLIKFor more info check flyer