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Flight from Egypt to Kuwait – Passenger bitten by snake (Cobra)

An Egyptian cobra bit a man on a flight from Cairo to Kuwait causing the plane to make an emergency landing.

An Egypt Air flight had to make an emergency landing this week after an angry cobra bit a man and caused panic.


A 48-year-old Jordanian man smuggled the Egyptian serpent onto the plane before it escaped, biting him and slithering down the aisle.

The flight was heading to Kuwait from Cairo.

The Jordan Times reported that the man, Akram Abdul Latif, owned a reptile shop in Kuwait and had smuggled the Egyptian cobra in his hand luggage.

The flight made an emergency landing at the Egyptian resort town of Al Ghardaqa on the Red Sea and continued on later that evening.

The suspect was said to have refused medical treatment, saying his wound was only superficial, CNN reported.

Egyptian cobras are incredibly deadly with a bite able to take down an elephant and kill humans within minutes.

Video – Documentary on Kuwait’s road accident #kuwait

Official launch of iPhone5 in Kuwait #kuwait #iphone5


Apple’s iPhone 5 will be officially launched across the GCC on December 14, the technology giant said.

The highly-anticipated iPhone 5 will be available in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain as part of Apple’s fastest international roll-out for the device so far, the California-based firm said.

The iPhone 5, which went on sale in the US and other countries on September 21, is currently available in 47 countries.

Apple said it sold more than 5m units of its iPhone 5 during the first three days of its release, surpassing a record set last year by the previous model.

The device has since restored Apple to the top smartphone spot in the US, edging out handsets based on Google’s Android software. Apple’s iOS has a 48.1 percent share of US smartphone sales while Android has 46.7 percent, according to research firm Kantar World Panel.

But not everyone has been impressed with the new phone, which has a larger, four-inch screen and supports faster 4G mobile networks. Some users have criticised its new maps feature for a number of glitches including missing information and a lack of features.