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THE KUWAITIS, who will live forever in this world with honor being MARTYRS. #kuwait

THE KUWAITIS, who will live forever in this world with honor being MARTYRS.
(Kuwaiti jihadist in Afghanistan)
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A Kuwaiti jihadist who had been fighting against American forces in Afghanistan since 2007 was reportedly killed late Wednesday night amid reports hinting that the US military strike against the Al-Qaeda location where he was two weeks ago.

Khalid Abdurrahman Al-Husainan, known by the moniker Abu Abdulmalik, worked in Kuwait as an imam for a Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh mosque since graduating in the mid nineties from Saudi Arabia with a degree from the faculty of religious principles in the Mohammad Bin Saud Islamic University, until he left to join Al-Qaeda terrorist group in Afghanistan in 2007. He was in his fifties when he died.
Al-Husainan’s son, 20-year-old Abdulsalam, confirmed his father’s death in statements made exclusively to Kuwait’s Al-Jarida newspaper. “Our family learned the news from my father’s friend Jaber Al-Jalahma, who told us that he died while having a late-night Suhour meal in preparation for fasting the next Thursday,” he said.
Describing his father’s death as “heroic” and “a source of pride”, Andulsalam told Al-Jarida that his family received the news “with mixed emotions of sadness and delight.” However, he indicated that they are waiting for ‘proof’ such as an official certificate or photo proving his father’s death before the family receives mourners. Abdulsalam also revealed that he kept in touch with his father on a regular basis through phone ever since he left. Al- Jarida further indicated that Al-Husainan is survived by “several children from his marriage to two wives,” adding that before leaving for Afghanistan “which happened after his family settled in Al-Rehab area,” he spoke fondly about his desire to seek martyrdom.
But Talal Al-Helfi, an Islamic religion teacher and one of Al-Husainan’s friends before he left, told Al-Jarida that it never seemed that his old friend carried a jihadist ideology. “Everyone was shocked after learning that he left for Afghanistan,” Al-Helfi said, asserting at the same time that he never approved of his friend’s decision or “the use of violence and terrorism in any Muslim country.” Another former friend of Al- Husainan, political activist Fuhaid Al-Hailam, spoke to Al-Jarida about Al-Husainan’s “good behavior” and “activity in philanthropy as well as publication of several audios and written material,” before seeking the path of jihad.
He noted, however, that Al-Husainan “spoke frequently about jihad and jihadists” during religious seminars the two gave during camps organized by religious groups and attended by young people in Al-Jahra and other districts.

Best of luck Nawaf alsafi #kuwait

Nawaf al-Safi (Kuwaiti) has reached to Italy to take part in the World Final which includes Kart Fighters from 19 other countries.


Nawaf Al-Safi the winner of the Red Bull Kart Fight in Kuwait travels to Italy to take part in the World Final which includes Kart Fighters from 19 other countries. The battle to be Red Bull Kart Fight World Champion all comes down to the World Final in Bologna Italy.

Through a series of selection events and National Finals from Russia to the USA, from Portugal to Kuwait, 20 nations are sending their winners to Italy to slug it out on a specially designed circuit situated in the heart of the Bologna Motor Show. Participating in the World Final is as close as an amateur racer can get to the feel of being a top international star. From the 13 year old winners of Kart Fight USA and Japan, the most motorized countries on earth and the 18 year old winner in Sri Lanka where their sporting stars are cricketers to the 46 year old software project manager who is Bulgaria’s national victor the entry spread is terrific. There were night finals like the thrilling event in Kuwait, events held in searing heat like Portugal and even the Taiwanese that survived a tropical downpour.

From all those disparate origins and backgrounds the 20 finalists all line up equal in Bologna, they will drive the same Birel 4-stroke karts on the 819 metre track. After a series of practice and qualifying sessions, 2 races decide the grid positions for the 28 lap Final. That has a knock out format with the tail 2 being ousted every 2 laps until just a pair battle over the last 2 laps for the title: Red Bull Kart Fight World Champion. A selection of Red Bull’s great athletes will be present to mentor, encourage and coach the finalists, boosting them to produce their very best performance over these two intense days of competition where only one will emerge as champion. They include David Coulthard, Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Loeb, Carlos Sainz, and Aleksandr Grinchuk.

Goood news for Non-Kuwaiti Teachers #kuwait


Ministry of Education, Kuwait has opened the doors to non-Kuwaiti teachers for 2013 & 2014.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has opened its door to non-Kuwaiti teachers who will be appointed for the academic year 2013/2014, reports Annahar daily quoting sources.

Sources disclosed the ministry has taken this step to cover the shortage of teachers in 12 subjects, including English, Mathematics, Electronics and Computers, Physical Education only for girls, Biology and Geology for boys only, French, Chemistry, Physics and Music for both boys and girls.

Sources said the ministry has exempted female applicants from the GCC, female applicants of all nationalities with specialization in Computer, Electronics, Music and Physical Education from the experience condition. Sources added the ministry will start receiving applications and setting interview appointments from Dec 16.

Sources revealed the ministry has referred the remaining applications for this academic year to the Human Resources Department to cover the shortage of teachers for the second term of this year.

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Blackberry 10 JAM #kuwait

Discover the power of BlackBerry 10. Learn about the unique capabilities of BlackBerry.


Kuwait – December 13th, JW Marriott Hotel, Kuwait City

9am: Registration

9:30am: BlackBerry in the region, Ahmad Olaywan, Country Manager, Kuwait

9:45am: Case Studies: successful apps developed in the region, Lewa Abu Khait, Senior Alliances Manager, Middle East

10:00am: BB10 Experience & demonstration Mike Al Mefleh, Product Director, Middle East

11:00am: Coffee Break

11:30am: Why develop for BlackBerry, Kamel Lajili, Senior Application Development Manager

12:00pm: BlackBerry 10 Architecture, Kamel Lajili, Senior Application Development Manager

12:30pm: Lunch Break

1:30pm: The anatomy of developing BB10 Apps, Kamel Lajili, Senior Application Development Manager

2:15pm: Q&A, Kamel Lajili, Senior Application Development Manager

2:30pm: The new BlackBerry Native Development, Kamel Lajili, Senior Application Development Manager

3:30pm: Coffee Break

4:00pm: The BlackBerry HTML5 Cross-Platform, Luca Sale – BlackBerry Developer Evangelist5:00pm: Q&A (VIA Skype), Luca Sale – BlackBerry Developer Evangelist

5:15pm: The BlackBerry Android runtime, Kamel Lajili – Senior Application Development Manager

5:45pm: Q&A, Kamel Lajili – Senior Application Development Manager

6:00pm: Closing and Competition Announcement


More then ten thousands protestors on gulf road, kuwait, #kuwait


Tens of thousands of Kuwaitis have staged a peaceful protest against the parliament elected last week under voting rules deemed unfair by the opposition.

The opposition supporters demonstrated for the second week in a row as police watched the protest without interfering on Saturday.

“This parliament is illegitimate, this [electoral law] amendment is illegal,” chanted the protesters, as they marched in Kuwait City, heading for Kuwait Towers, a major landmark by the Gulf.

Rule changes passed by an emergency decree in October, which reduced the number of votes per citizen to one from four, have prompted a spate of mass demonstrations and led the opposition to boycott the December 1 election.

The opposition says the amendments of the electoral law enables the government to control the outcome of polls.

Fawaz al-Enezi, one of the youth organisers of the protest, said the “people are demonstrating to regain their hijacked constitutional rights”.

“We demand scrapping the new parliament, the law amendment, reforming the judiciary and writing a new constitution,” Enezi told the AFP news agency.

Violent protests

Crowds of men, women and children wore orange, the colour of the protest movement. Some raised banners reading “no to violence, enough arrests,” in reference to violent clashes between police and protesters over the past several days.

Violent confrontations broke out between riot police and youth activists who staged protests every night since Monday to express their rejection to the election. Dozens of protesters were arrested.

All the 50 seats in the legislature were won by pro-government candidates after the opposition boycotted the poll.

Ruler Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah has said his amendments will help preserve national security and stability.

Under the old system, politicians could urge supporters to cast additional ballots for like-minded candidates – a way to build informal alliances in a country where parties are banned.

Former MPs have filed two petitions to the constitutional court challenging that the amendment to the electoral law breached the constitution. If the court accepts the motions, it could order parliament dissolution.

The Gulf state has been rocked by a series of political disputes since mid-2006 between parliamentarians and the government.