One crime every 30 minutes in Kuwait #kuwait #q8


Via KuwaitTiimes

A crime is committed in Kuwait every 30 minutes, according to a report published by a local newspaper yesterday quoting official statistics. Based on available data till September-end.

The report also indicates that felony cases including murder, mugging, fights and battery assault have “doubled” this year compared to 2011, further pointing out a rise in other cases including possession of unlicensed weapons and suicides. Further details in the statistical report show that 3906 felony and 11,595 misdemeanor crimes were recorded this year till the end of September. Moreover, 906 crimes were committed by Kuwaitis, more than any other nationality (up by 16% compared to 2011), followed by Egyptians with 247 (up by 18%) and bedouin (stateless) residents with 218 (up by 16.5%). To shed further light on the subject, Al-Qabas spoke with specialists in the security, educational and medical fields who blamed several aspects for the increase in recorded crimes in recent years. “The recurrence of crimes is a clear indication of a major flaw in security measures which the Interior Ministry shares responsibility for,” said attorney Nawaf Sari, who also believes that security on borders is “weak as far as checking smuggling of weapons into Kuwait was concerned.” The main suspect in the Avenues Mall murder case, a 22-year-old Bedouin, re-enacted his crime on Sunday in front of senior security officials including Acting Director of the Criminal Investigations General Department, Brigadier General Mahmoud Al-Tabbakh. The suspect, who faces first degree murder charges, also led officers to the place where he got rid of the weapon used in the crime.

The Role of family to avoid their children from criminal behaviour.
At the same time, they recognized that the family has to play a key role to help children avoid criminal behavior. “Unfortunately, we have started seeing extreme cases of verbal, physical and sexual violence”, warned Dr. Othman Al-Khadher, head of the psychology department at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In the meantime, Education Ministry officials who Al- Qabas talked to made alarming statements about the spread of violence among students, mainly in high schools around Kuwait. One Ahmadi school headmaster described fights in the school as a ‘regular scene’ not only in his school, but in others, too, within the governorate. An increase in the number of teenagers arrested over fight, theft and battery assault cases was also noted by supervisor of the Juveniles Care Department at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Abdullah Fawaz. “I can say that seeing juveniles walking around with pocketknives in their possession is no longer considered something strange in our society”, he said. — Al-Qabas

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