The Kuwait is the 22nd best country to be born #kuwait #q8

The Kuwait is the 22nd best country to be born :-)


A funny question ends with a serious answer.

Which country will be the best for a baby born in 2013?

To answer this, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a sister company of The Economist, has this time turned deadly serious. It earnestly attempts to measure which country will provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life in the years ahead.

Its quality-of-life index links the results of subjective life-satisfaction surveys—how happy people say they are—to objective determinants of the quality of life across countries. Being rich helps more than anything else, but it is not all that counts; things like crime, trust in public institutions and the health of family life matter too. In all, the index takes 11 statistically significant indicators into account. They are a mixed bunch: some are fixed factors, such as geography; others change only very slowly over time (demography, many social and cultural characteristics); and some factors depend on policies and the state of the world economy.

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  1. Umm Abdullah says:

    These surveys are very subjective – they choose the factors that make certain kinds of societies come out on top. For example, do they measure suicide rates – because they’re quite high in Scandinavia…

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