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Kuwait National Handball team is awarded by highest score.


Kuwait national team handball player, Fahad Al-Hajri, said that being awarded top scorer title in World University Handball Championship, which recently concluded in the Brazilian city of Blumenau, was the result of the players’ cooperation. “Such efforts reflected Kuwait’s sublime reputation in this field,” Al-Hajri told KUNA. He added that the championship’s technical level was high considering that most teams have distinct and professional players, and that Kuwaiti players’ effort was quite good compared to that. “I was given the title after scoring 50 goals ahead of the Portuguese player Fabio’s 46 goals, which is a great accomplishment,” he noted. “The Kuwaiti players, whose ages did not exceed 22 years, did a great job playing against the best teams of the world, despite their lack of experience,


Al-Hamra tower of Kuwait in new Spiderman movie :-)

Al-Hamra tower of Kuwait in new Spiderman movie :-)

Two weeks before i watched this movie in Al-fanar, Oh i really didnt notice but after that i found it in twitter that the (if you have watched) final fight of spiderman with lizard is actuly on top of Al-Hamra tower.

Even the designer of this model in movie Mr. Geroge Hull has also mentioned in his interview that he inspired by Kuwait Al-Hamra tower. So it is Al-Hamra tower in Spiderman :-)

11 Kuwaitis going to perform at London Olympics 2012

11 Kuwaitis going to perform at London Olympics 2012

Fahad Al Daihani: Skeet target shooting, he was the first ever Kuwaiti to join Olympic Games back in year 2000 in Sydney.
Faye Sultan: She’s the first Kuwaiti female Olympian swimmer, so… proud of her and I really wish her all the best. Maryam Al Rezooqi: 10 metre Airgun.
Fahad Al Daihani: Double trap target shooting.
Ibrahim Hassan: Table tennis.
Talal Al Rashidi: Single trap target shooting.
Ali Al Zankawi: Hammer throw.
Mohammed Al Azmi: 800 metre race.
Yousef Al Askari: 200 metres freestyle swimming.
Abdulaziz Al Mandeel: 110 metres hurdles.
Abdullah Al Rashidi: Skeet target shooting.

We wish our champions all the best and we are truly proud to say that we’re going to support them and spread their news during the Olympics, I really wish to see Kuwaiti flag waving.

Courtesy: Bananaq8 and Buzzberry