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Visit of Alta Fitness #kuwait #q8

Recently I had been asked about ALTA FITNESS & LADIES DANCE CLUB in Kuwait by some friends and finally could manage a short visit of such first kind of ladies fitness & ladies dance club on such peak of Kuwait which provide the various kinds of physically exercise for ladies, fitness classes, various dances (hiphop, zumba…etc) and self defense classes by well trained instructors. It is situated in Al Tijaria Tower on 26th floor beside Shaheed park in sherq , Kuwait.

First of all, i am little happy on opening of various ladies fitness clubs which are really playing an important role to minimize the fees of such ladies clubs due to competitions which are reallyyy very high in Kuwait and highlighting the importance of self care.

“Alta Fitness” provide you a luxury environment on such height with a Kuwait’s skyline from east to west with complete facilities. They has 179 different kinds and sizes of lockers, Three big studio halls, beauty care room (manicure, pedicure and massage), Calmful big sitting lounge and a cafeteria bar which served salads, sandwiches and different drinks as per instructed by instructors. Please follow the below photos which are self explanatory. For any more queries call on 22968670 or 22968671.

Hereby i would like to say a big thanks for arranging my visit and your reception to whole team of “Alta Fitness”
Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : usman_choudhry






Videos & Photos , Whole building caught fire in jabriya #kuwait #q8 #fire

KUWAIT, Oct 8 (KUNA) — Fire fighters extinguished a fire that erupted in a building containing clinics in Jabriya Area on Tuesday, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) said. A fireman was taken to hospital after inhaling smoke.
KFSD Deputy Director General for fire fighting and human resources development, Brigadier Khaled Al-Mekrad told KUNA fire engines rushed to the scene and evacuated the building, as well as nearby buildings as a routine precautionary measure.
Fighting fire began from outside the building, he explained, then firemen moved inside the facility until the fire was put off.
An eyewitness who was inside the building told KUNA that she called the fire department as soon as she noticed the fire. The firemen arrived at the scene very fast, she added.
Al-Mekrad said flammable insulation layer was covered by slim layer of aluminum in contributed to spread of fire from ground floor to upper levels.
An investigation will be opened to know causes of the fire. (end)


IMG-20131008-WA0023 IMG-20131008-WA0017_wm

Respected salute to Kuwait’s fire department.


Finally Kuwait fire department has successfully put off the fire by 5 fire stations in 11 storey building in Jabriya.  It was difficult to cover the whole building in short time and windy weather had made it huge.

SAFETY FIRST but what is this? Sherq #kuwait #q8


Pics – Kuwait in 1948 #kuwait #q8

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Burj Kabeer Kuwait

Burj Mubarak al Kabir Kuwait by Eric Kuhne and Associates

This mammoth structure will rise to exactly 3284 feet, or 1001 meters. The height, in meters, is an allusion to the classic collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian folk tales One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, says London-based architect Eric Kuhne, whose firm designed the tower. To break the kilometer-high mark (which is 3281 feet), the $7 billion-plus Mubarak al Kabir will have three interlocked towers that support the overall structure. These towers, or “blades,” pinwheel about a triangular central shaft that holds elevators and mechanical equipment. Each blade twists 45 degrees as it rises, for strength, and expands slightly at the top. This Kuwaiti landmark will therefore place more mass and usable space near its zenith compared to other towers, says Kuhne, to avoid the structure having too thin and flexible a tip. To dissipate high-altitude, tower-buffeting gales that could blow at 150 miles per hour, the Mubarak al Kabir will see the first architectural deployment of vertical ailerons—the normally horizontal flaps airline passengers see on a plane’s trailing wing edge that help counter wind disturbances. “They will look like continuous ribbons running vertically along the six leading edges of the three blades,” Kuhne says. “As [the ailerons] are constantly moving, and catching the sun while they adjust, sunlight will glint off their surfaces. It will add a gentle rippling reflection to the edges of the blades that will add dynamic sparkle to the tower,” Kuhne says. The Burj Mubarak has a projected completion date of 2016.