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Sulfur Gas leak in Roudhatain

Sulfur Gas leak in Roudhatain

A Sulfur gas leak took place while drilling an oil well Wednesday afternoon at Al-Roudhatain oil field, said security sources noting that the annoying smell of sulfur gas reached s far as Kuwaiti city as reported by many citizens and expatriates.

Further, the sources highlighted that Abdali firemen and KOC emergency teams were still working hard to contain the leak at the time this report was made and that firemen were trying to burn out the leaking gas to prevent it from spreading and traveling far.

Notably, inhaling sulfur gas may cause dizziness, vomiting and diarrhea, stressed security and health sources noting that residents within a 4 kilometer diameter round the oil field was evacuated.

Commenting on the incident, KOC’s deputy managing director for exploration, Khald Al-Sumaitti stressed that all needed efforts were being exerted to control the leak either by stopping it or by burning out the leaking gases. he also stressed that despite reports that the gas has reached as far as 80 kilometers, gas density in the air has not reached dangerous levels.

On his part, chairman of the Green Line Group, Khaled Al-Hajri criticized the statements made by Al-Summaitti in which he focused on resuming oil production rather than the environmental effect of the gas and its possible effect on man’s health. he also warned that this type of gas has dangerous effects on respiratory systems and kidneys. he also advised the public to stay indoor and tightly close windows unless the gas already leaks inside the house and it needs to be ventilated to avoid the gas’s toxic effects.

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Nadine Al-Rassi in Kuwait.

Nadine Al-Rassi in Kuwait.

Lebanese actress Nadine Al-Rassi in Marina Mall to unveil the new range of hair care products of PARACHUTE GOLD.

Nadine Al Rassi
Nadine Al Rassi is a professional Lebanese actress.

Nadine Rassi also known as Nadine El Rassi was originally a model and the face of Noun Magazine for women. She later took roles in many television series and movies.

Nadine Al Rassi is enlisted in Top 100 Sexiest Arab Women 2010.

TV Series

Maitre Nada a comedy on LBC 2009 in which Nadine took the role of Maitre Nada.

Kalam Neswan a series for Ramadan 2009 on MBC.

Aasr El Harim a series on LBC 2009 in which she took the role of Principal role of Leila with Antoine Kerbaj and Elsi Ferneini.


In 2009 Nadine took the main role in the 2008 Thriller movie Khallik Ma3ealong opposite Ammar Chalak.

Nadine has been acting since the early years of 2000, she appeared in many television series and plays, her name was attached to the following names

Queen Nefertiti, Zenobia, Familia, Ibni, Ghannoujit Bayia, Zaman El Awghad, El Hall B Idak

In addition to acting and in the beginning for her career, Nadine El Rassi took role in major advertisments for the following brand names:
Galaxy chocolate, Fantasia chips, Pantene Shampoo, Head and Shoulders Shampoo, Noun Magazine and more.

Parachute Gold
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Parachute Gold oil products are non-sticky and light, and provide a pleasant aroma. Parachute gold cream, additionally, has the ability to reduce hair breakage by locking the protein inside the hair shaft and controlling dryness of hair.

The Parachute Gold range guarantees stronger hair, increased protection, and improvement in hair growth, while reducing split-ends, breakages, and protein loss.