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Teams Association for Cricket in Kuwait (TACK) and MG Cricket Club, continuing with their mission of serving and enhancing the game of cricket in Kuwait; successfully hosted and conducted the weekend Cricket Bonanza where 6 finals were played out on Thursday and Friday. With more than 100 players, 12 teams and over 1000 strong crowd attendance, the cricket weekend was a huge success with a unique vibrant atmosphere bringing back memories of immensely successful 4 Nations Festival. The successful completion of these two tournaments i.e. MG Division League and TACK Division League, has further cemented the fact that TACK-MG combo is a name to be reckoned with when it comes to running quality domestic cricket in Kuwait and with the kind of show put up over (10th-11th April) weekend, one cannot wait for the next tournament to start & conclude.

Press Release – 6 Nations Cricket Festival


Friday, April 4, 2014 happened to be one of the brightest day for Kuwait Cricket  as the large cricket loving fans all over Kuwait had the satisfaction of watching their favorite teams in action  during the finals of the  Six Nation festival cricket tournament organized by Kuwait Cricket which ended up in a colorful note.
Pakistan selected XI the defending champions, retained their title as the…y prevailed over Indian selected XI by 70 runs to lift the Platinum Cup.  In the morning match, Sri Lanka selected XI defeated Afghsnistan selected XI to bag the Gold Cup and Bangladesh edged the spirited Kuwait XI, comprising of only Kuwait nationals to take the Silver Cup.
The presentation ceremony was graced by the presence of many dignitories to the likes of The Ambassador of Great Briton, H.E. Mr. Frank Baker who released the tournament sovenier. Also present were the Ambassador of Australia, Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Ambassador of Afghanistan, Deputy Head of Mission of Indian Embassy, Charge D’Affairs of Pakistan Embassy and Head of Bangladesh Military mission in Kuwait.
Charge D’Affairs of Pakistan Embassy presented the winning trophy & cash prizes to Pakistan & India teams while the Sri Lankan & Afghanistan Ambassdors presented the Gold Cup & cash prize to Sri Lankan & Afghanistan teams. The Silver Cup & cash prizes were presneted to Bangladesh & Kuwait team by The British Ambassador.
Gulf Bank, NAPESCO, Future Communications,Kuwait Swedish Cleaning Company, Al Andalus Trading Company, Shaheen Air, Al-Hafiz Company & Pakistan Business Council were the main sponsors of this event while Help Desk of Pakistan were the organising partners of this wonderful event.
The co-sponsors who supported this mega event were Oriental Restaurant, , Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Bhasin & Co, Al-Ghannam Tire Center Company, Eastern National Oilfield Services Co, Trans Continental Shipping Services, Al-Rashid International Shipping,  Al-Masafi Trading, Global Dynamics General Trading Co & Channel Media .
Kokan Premier league who had designed the  web site were viewed by 71, 407 persons where as VOOP Media, Times Magazine and  Kuwait Radio provided the much needed support to make this event so successful.




6 finals to be played during the two-day Cricket BONANZA!

TACK-MGCC Merger in February this year was seen as an auspicious omen that promised Cricket in Kuwait to get bigger and better. The immense confidence placed in the merger was not without reason as both the organizations have been serving the game in Kuwait for a number of years and bring varied set of strengths and expertise to the table. With MG Cricket Club providing the ideal platform to local players to display their cricketing skills in various local and overseas competitions including tournaments in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Bahrain. TACK, on the other hand has been providing state-of-the-art facilities to people from all backgrounds in Kuwait to play competitive cricket and having proved its mettle on numerous occasions over the last 5 years.


Following the traditions established since the historic 4 Nations Tournament in Nov 2013, TACK-MGCC finals are scheduled to kick start on Thursday (10th April) and will continue all the way to Friday 11th April. The management of TACK-MGCC will offer the perfect mix of food, music and entertainment packed T-20 cricket to people from all background this coming weekend.  DJ Flames, a renowned name in Kuwait’s music fraternity will be present playing the latest tunes. The team of “dhol beats” will be seen taking the atmosphere to the next level with some traditional drumming & singing.  Ongoing commentary in English and Urdu will ensure that crowd is entertained with funny anecdotes and make them aware about the match situation. With third umpire facility along with replays & live coverage, these 6 finals hold immense promise with high quality cricket for fans to watch and enjoy with their families and friends.


TACK-MGCC strongly believes that players are their most important asset and should be rewarded generously. The organizations have always delivered on this front in the past, right from its inception in 2009 to TACK-IIK four nations T-20 festival in 2014 where more than $20 000 worth of cash prizes were given away. Considering the fact that this is only the domestic cricket tournament finals of TACK division league & MGCC division league, this mega weekend will still see the players getting $10 000 worth of cash prizes which has been made possible by national & international corporate giants from all over the world. Gulf four from Kuwait, Comix from china, Schneider from Germany, ETI service from Italy, & Premier Grip from UK are just a few global giants who have come forward to take TACK-MGCC and cricket in Kuwait to the ultimate pinnacle.


With more than 70 teams competing in TACK Division League & MGCC division league with the former catering to 4 divisions and the latter catering to 3 i.e. A, B, C and D, teams are split depending on their strengths and standing in TACK & MGCC rankings with Division A comprising of the best cricket teams in the country. The sheer number of teams playing in these domestic tournaments demonstrates growth of cricket in Kuwait and pivotal role played by TACK-MGCC in ensuring to spread the game far and wide. Thursday finals will start with Swahel Al-Farensiya playing Khalijia while the second final will see Pak Stallions fighting it out against Hadi Clinic. Friday, 11th April will be the big day and will see 8 teams fighting for the top slot in their respective divisions. The TACK division A final between Mercedez-AMG & Petrofac which is scheduled to start at 4:30 pm and carry all the way under international standard flood lights to 7:30 pm is going to be a big show-down of the best talent of players as the two have teams have played the best cricket throughout the season so far.

TACK-MGCC would like to extend the invitation to cricket lovers all over Kuwait to come out and enjoy a unique atmosphere at TACK Entertainment City Cricket Ground in Doha, a place which has become synonymous with good time with friends and families.


Table below details the schedule of Friday Finals:




MG T20-1


UCC v/s Lahore Badshahs / 7:00 am



Black Mambaz v/s Boom Boom / 10:00am



Channels Media v/s Skylark 1:00 pm



Petrofec v/s AMG 4:30 pm


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Indo Pak will meet in finals


Cricket loving fans from all over Kuwait would be eagerly waiting for Friday, April 4, 2014 to watch their favorite teams playing for the Platinum, Gold & Silver Cups in the ongoing 6 Nations festival cricket tournament organized by Kuwait Cricket.

Under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Dhari Fahed Al Ahmad Al Sabah, Kuwait Cricket has blossomed to a very great extend and has so far organized 13 International events which itself  speaks about the organizational capability as well as the trust bestowed on Kuwait Cricket by higher governing bodies to the likes of  International Cricket Council & Asian Cricket Council. Being the sole apex body of governing all cricket activities locally & Internationally, Kuwait Cricket has produced top notch Match officials (umpires), Coaches, Curators and the most latest feather added to the cap of Kuwait Cricket is the successful in formation of a Kuwait National cricket team which includes only Kuwait Nationals who are all set to participate in the Asian games being held in Incheon, South Korea in October 2014..

April 4, 2014 will be the concluding ceremony of this 3 week old tournament where teams to the likes of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Kuwait, Pakistan & Sri Lankan team exhibited their skills against each other. India & Pakistan maintained their perfect unbeaten run and have already sealed their progress to the finals and will be competing for the top order, the Platinum Cup, whereas Sri Lanka & Afghanistan will clash for the Gold Cup and Kuwait XI will take on Bangladesh for the Silver Cup.

 Kuwait Cricket would like to extend its gratitude to the sponsors Gulf Bank, Al- Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Shaheen Air, NAPESCO, Al Hafiz & Company, Al-Ghannam Tires, The Sultan Center, Andalus Trading Co., Future Communications, Global Dynamic Lighting Solutions, Al-Rashed International Shipping Company, Bhasin & Company, Oriental Restaurant, Eastern National Oilfield Services, Zajil Telecom, Al-Masafi, Kuwait Times, Arab times, The Times, Channel Media,VOOP Media & Kuwait Swedish Company for their whole hearted supported & generous contribution to the success of this event.

Kuwait Cricket has arranged mouth-watering lunch & snacks for spectators and the cricket loving fans  can have the opportunity to have attractive & valuable prizes in the lucky draw such as 4o” Color TV sponsored by Andalus Trading Company, latest mobile set from Future Communication, Air ticket sponsored by Shaheen Air and many more prizes.

Kuwait Cricket cordially invites all cricket lovers to watch their teams in action and enjoy the game of cricket to its optimum.

Teams in Action



Sri Lanka Vs. Afghanistan

7:00 AM

Gold Cup

Kuwait Vs. Bangladesh

10:00 AM

Silver Cup

India Vs. Pakistan

2:00 PM

Platinum Cup

PSA Pakistan National Day Cricket Cup #kuwait #q8 #cricket #pakistan