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Why death rate in Kuwait is higher in winter than summer ? #death #kuwait #q8

We believe on our countdown towards to last breath then end of chapter. The last moment could be part of any passing moment of our life and then sudden power down, Sometimes life give you indications and gives you gap to assume and count your remaining days but sometimes your beloved ones suddenly get the news that you are not anymore in the world and become part of Arabtimes, Kuwaittimes, KuwaitUptoDate, well who knows, Allah kareeeeem.


Today one of my friend has provided me some official figures (2012 statistics), as per statistics the average death rate of Kuwait been 15 persons (Kuwaiti/Non Kuwaiti) per day in 2012 but the thing which made me little curious to do more research that in Kuwait death ratio is higher in winter season as compare to summer but soon I found that as per “National Vital Statistics Report” overall in world the death rate in throughout winter is really higher as compare to summer.