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Video & Pics of successfully landing of Kuwait Airways at Airport #kuwait #q8 #kuwaitairways #KU618 #doha

Kuwait Airways flight KU618 (Doha to Kuwait) had got a problem in landing gear but successfully was landed at Kuwait International Airport , Alhamdulillah




Safety Plus Dashers clinch the first D-TDL-AHS Cup while Q8 Calicut Crusaders take home the KPL Cup #kuwait #q8 #cricket


Safety Plus Dashers clinch the first D-TDL-AHS Cup while Q8 Calicut Crusaders take home the KPL Cup

Teams Association for Cricket in Kuwait (TACK), continuing with their mission of serving and enhancing the game of cricket in Kuwait; successfully conducted the finals of its first D-TDL (TACK DIVISION LEAGUE- DOHA) T-20 tournament at TACKEntertainmentCity Cricket –DOHA on Friday, the 7th of Feb 2014.


The tournament was sponsored by Sawahel Al Faransiya – AHS and was conducted under the propitious guidance and munificent support from Touristic Enterprises Company. The successful completion of the tournament has further cemented TACK’S reputation as the premier cricketing body in Kuwait as it offers the best platform for cricketers to showcase their talent as is unanimously agreed by the players and cricket lovers in the country.


Following the traditions established since the historic 4 Nations Tournament, TACK yet again offered the perfect mix of food, music and entertainment packed T-20 cricket to people who turned up in numbers to feel at home, away from home.  DJ Flames, a renowned name in Kuwait music and party circles and always the first choice to play at exclusive high-end parties, corporate and other events, was present playing the latest tunes and perfectly captured the mood and vibe of all the matches and the attendees. The attendees included people from cricket loving south Asians along with the locals thus demonstrating the popularity and love TACK enjoys amongst a wide range of communities.

QATAR Airways to Start Boeing 787 Service to Kuwait from 26.NOV.12, Kuwait

QATAR Airways to Start Boeing 787 Service to Kuwait from 26.NOV.12, Kuwait.

QATAR Airways has unveiled its planned Second Boeing 787 route, where it’ll operate up to 3 daily Doha – Kuwait service starting 26NOV12. Reservation for the Boeing 787 service begins today (21NOV12).

Schedule:   QR138 DOH0135 – 0301KWI 788 D

QR132 DOH0745 – 0910KWI 788 D

QR140 DOH1320 – 1445KWI 788 D

QR139 KWI0450 – 0610DOH 788 D

QR133 KWI1030 – 1150DOH 788 D

QR141 KWI1615 – 1735DOH 788 D


Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Bridge – Subiya Causeway

Kuwait signed a contract for the long-delayed $2.6 billion (2.04 billion euro) causeway project with a consortium led by South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co, the local partner said.

The causeway, to be named after late emir Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah, is to link the capital Kuwait City with the northern Subbiya area, which is to become home to the Silk City project.

The project involves construction of 2 sea bridges, one linked to Subbiyah and the other linked to Doha. The first bridge that will be linked to Subbiyah is considered as the main bridge and will be stretching at a length of 37.5 kms beginning from the intersection of Ghazali Street with Jamal Abdul Nasser Street passing through the Kuwait Bay area at the southern direction and ending at the Subbiyah highway. The second bridge which will be linked to Doha will be stretching at a length of 16 kms and will be passing through the Kuwait Bay area, towards the west, it will also pass through the island of Umm Al Namil reaching to Ras Ashairij and then to the Doha highway. The project will also include 2 man made islands of 30 hectares; one on the northern side and the other on the southern side of the bridge which will house maintenance and traffic emergency buildings, fueling stations and boat docks.

There would be two artificial islands and shopping stores.

Video of project