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Supposed to be my HELP desk #kuwait #q8 #shaheensayyed

embassy3Embassy represents our country in aboard.Embassy is the only place in aboard where we can feel comfortable, fearless ,free to speech and discuss our problems.  But most of the Embassies i feel are helpless whenever you go their with your problems, instead of getting help we get to hear excuses.  We are treated like strangers and most of the time we feel helpless.

Japanese Pop Culture Festival #kuwait #q8

“In cooperation with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and the Japanese Embassy, Fikra is proud to announce the Japanese Pop Culture Festival to be held at the National Library of Kuwait on Thurday and… Friday September 12 – 13 starting from 6PM

The Festival will include various events, among them will be
(1) Shadowloo Showdwon Qualifiers
(2) Anime drawing contest
(3) Figure drawing contest
(4) A cosplay contest

For more information please call 97603181 or follow us on our social networks



Kuwaiti want PEACE in Egypt ‪#‎Kuwait‬ ‪#‎q8‬ ‪#‎Egypt‬ ‪#‎today‬

egyptWe want P E A C E in Egypt

Now, Kuwaiti are getting together infront of Embassy of Egypt in Kuwait city against the orders issued in Egypt to open the fire on unarmed protestors and as result till now 163 protestors has died today in Egypt. ‪

Protestors at the door of American Embassy in Kuwait, supporting Gaza. ( #gaza #kuwait )

“Dont kill our brothersss”
Protestors at the door of American Embassy in Kuwait, supporting Gaza.

Via Hamad al Sabah

Election Day at the U.S. Embassy (Kuwait)

Election Day at the U.S. Embassy  (Kuwait)

On October 21, 2012 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, U.S. citizens are invited to cast their vote at the U.S. Embassy waiting room outside the front gate. Eligible voters may submit already-completed state ballots for mailing to election officials in the U.S. For those U.S. citizens who have not registered or received their ballots, Federal Write-In Absentee Ballots will be provided .

Election Day is now three weeks away and the Embassy remains committed to ensuring that all eligible U.S. citizen voters have their ballots counted this election season. (Early) Election Day affords everyone the opportunity to ensure their absentee, or Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot will be counted this election season.

All eligible voters are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity to vote in this year’s election!

Via http://kuwait.usembassy.go