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Photos & Videos – Felix Baumgartner in Kuwait by RedBull #felixbaumgartner #felix #kuwait #q8 #redbullkuwait #redbull

Once again thanks a lot to RedBull Kuwait for always providing the entertaining opportunities to Kuwait and special thanks for inviting the KUWAIT UPTO DATE to have time with Felix Baumgartner.
Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : usman_choudhryASC_3912 - Copy


Felix Baumgartner is coming to Kuwait. #felix #Baumgartner


He is the one who had set the world record for skydiving an estimated 39 kilometres (24 mi), reaching an estimated speed of 1357.64 km/h (843.6 mph), on 14 October 2012, and became the first person to break the sound barrier without vehicular power on his descent

Kuwaiti Flag :-) inspired by Felix Baumgartner

KUWAIT SCIENCE CLUB with the support of Meteorology Directorate General of Civil Aviation had tried to sent the Flag of Kuwait into space with a gas baloon and recorded the movie .