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Fire Fighter , The Real Hero #kuwait #q8

imageproxyBeloved Kuwait has given chance to many Expats to make their fortune bright some have taste the success others are trapped and some are still struggling.  We complain because we suffer but we must always learn to say Thanks God ( Shukar Al hamdulillah  )

Why don’t we see the other facilities provided by the Kuwait government one of them is Fire Fighter department, this fire men’s doesn’t care about their life while saving others this hero’s just put their life’s into danger whenever needed they don’t care about nationality, religion rich or poor what they know is to safe a life by putting them self in to danger, most of brave courage men’s working for this department are Kuwait’s and very honestly they do their duties.

How does the death of a celebrity affect us?

What does the death of a Celebrity mean to us?
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How does the death of a celebrity affect us?

Technically, it does not affect us. What happens is a perceived notion of loss creeps into our minds. For much like the loss of Michael Jackson, this came completely out of the blue, and in such a manner that had it been an orchestrated plot, it would not have been this good. In a “live by the gun, die by the gun” methodology, Paul Walker met his end ironically via vehicular accident.

These people exist in their own world, and we in our own, and ever so often we invite them into our homes through Youtube, the Internet, Movies etc. They exist only when we turn on the media, and disappear as soon as we turn it off. However, knowing that they are there provides us with a sense of comfort, a deluded ideology of control in that whenever we choose we can invite them back into our lives and find out the latest news they have to offer.

No doubt several people were privy to the knowledge that the Fast & Furious franchise was being extended by another 3 titles, with locations such as Dubai and Egypt being mentioned as possibilities for the future.

It is not the death of one man, nor the death of a celebrity, that has people expressing emotion. It is the fact that we slowly realize how not in control we are of life. We live each day like it is a string of days, no one gives a second thought to the possibility, no matter how infinitesimal it may seem, that we might not wake up tomorrow, or that we wake up to find that someone else has passed away, god forbid a loved one.

Here is a character that will never again appear in an interview, or in a movie.

The people are not mourning Paul Walker, they mourn what his death represents, and that is the grim fact that the only thing promised in life…

Videos & Photos , Whole building caught fire in jabriya #kuwait #q8 #fire

KUWAIT, Oct 8 (KUNA) — Fire fighters extinguished a fire that erupted in a building containing clinics in Jabriya Area on Tuesday, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) said. A fireman was taken to hospital after inhaling smoke.
KFSD Deputy Director General for fire fighting and human resources development, Brigadier Khaled Al-Mekrad told KUNA fire engines rushed to the scene and evacuated the building, as well as nearby buildings as a routine precautionary measure.
Fighting fire began from outside the building, he explained, then firemen moved inside the facility until the fire was put off.
An eyewitness who was inside the building told KUNA that she called the fire department as soon as she noticed the fire. The firemen arrived at the scene very fast, she added.
Al-Mekrad said flammable insulation layer was covered by slim layer of aluminum in contributed to spread of fire from ground floor to upper levels.
An investigation will be opened to know causes of the fire. (end)


IMG-20131008-WA0023 IMG-20131008-WA0017_wm

Respected salute to Kuwait’s fire department.


Finally Kuwait fire department has successfully put off the fire by 5 fire stations in 11 storey building in Jabriya.  It was difficult to cover the whole building in short time and windy weather had made it huge.

Kuwaiti want PEACE in Egypt ‪#‎Kuwait‬ ‪#‎q8‬ ‪#‎Egypt‬ ‪#‎today‬

egyptWe want P E A C E in Egypt

Now, Kuwaiti are getting together infront of Embassy of Egypt in Kuwait city against the orders issued in Egypt to open the fire on unarmed protestors and as result till now 163 protestors has died today in Egypt. ‪

Huge fire in Amghara, Kuwait.