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How would i know ?


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How would i know ?

Hi friends please stop.sending me pics of crickets & grasshoppers. Lol, My phone is full of insects now, Some of them informing me about existence of such insects around them, thts ok but most of them are asking me by this way with photo, Why it is in my room ? Why it is in my washroom and what its doing in my office ?:-)) how would i knowww.

I always really appreciate when u use KUD to keep other updated but how would i know tht why it is in yr shoe….

Dear friends, it is just a seasonal insects, As per weather it always come up but due to social media people going to be panic.

Dont worry & be Happy.

Regards, KUD ¦ Admin
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Grasshoppers in Kuwait #kuwait #q8


I have received some mails about attack of grasshoppers in Kuwait , No friends it not like that, May be for most of the people grasshoppers and its sound is new for them.

Don’t worry friends, its just a small seasonal insect, mostly exist in grass and its sound is enough to keep you awake whole night.