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Social Media in #Kuwait #q8


The social media has certainly dominated the headlines in the past few years,  and it remains perhaps the most important new frontier in the world of news,  marketing, and other domains.
Kuwait has the highest percentage of social  media users, in proportionate to the population, in the Middle East.  With its
fastness, viral results, inexpensiveness and seemingly easy usage, social media  has become an extraordinarily attractive platform for news, experience-sharing,  social interaction and promotion of businesses of all sizes.  In separate  interviews with KUNA, a number of experts, from different domains, have  highlighted the importance of the optimal use of social media in all domains in  Kuwait but warned against misusage of these technological tools in violating the  state laws, inciting hatred or spreading extremism.  ”Social media, known as  new media, has become more influential than the conventional media in the past  years mainly for two reasons, its fastness and spread,” political analyst
Ibrahim Dashti told KUNA.  He, however, stressed that users have to double  check and not to take for granted news posts and updates of social media sites.  Meanwhile, media expert Saleh Jerman pointed out nobody can ignore the  growing leverage of social networking sites all over the world, especially in  the Arab countries. “The social media has played a major role in the recent  popular uprisings in “Arab Spring” countries,” Jerman told KUNA. “And In  Kuwait social media is growingly gaining ground in media scene. Social  networking sites have become a major source of news and important player in the  political scene.  He noted that Twitter tops the list of most influential  media sites in the political street.  Social media refers to so-called Web 2.0  technology that doesn’t merely present information, but that allows for  user-generated content and community interactivity. The most important and  wide-spread social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and
Google+.  There are over 1.3 million active Twitter users in Arab countries.  Kuwait leads the way in Twitter penetration in Arab nations at eight percent, ahead of Bahrain at four percent, Qatar at two percent, the UAE at two percent  and Saudi Arabia at one percent. Kuwait sent almost 60 million tweets in March,  2012 (source: AllTwitter).
Experts also added that successful social media  marketing maximizes customer engagement to foster a sense of community and
increase traffic.
“We have managed to widen our customer base and reach out
to our clients through our pages on social networking sites,” Ahmad Sadek
Maarefi, owner of restaurant chain in Kuwait, told KUNA. “It also helped us to
upgrade our services and save much effort and money to promote our brand,” he
The experts, however, warned that users have to take into account the  disadvantages and negative impact of social media.  In spite of its huge
advantages, social media has some disadvantages including the use of these sites  to damage reputation of innocent people, spread rumors or extremist ideas or  law-breaching materials, Political Analyst Ibrahim Dashti told KUNA.  Legal expert and lawyer Mariam Al-Bahr echoed a similar view. “A huge number of law  suits have been filed against Twitter users in Kuwait recently for offending  religion and political leadership.” She also raised alarm that posts on social  networking sites were the cause of a considerable number of family disputes in
the past years.


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