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4 Sentenced to Death in Kuwait #kuwait

4 Sentenced to Death in Kuwait over Murder of Lebanese Dentist

by Naharnet

The Kuwaiti criminal court sentenced on Sunday four suspects to death for killing a Lebanese doctor with a cleaver in December last year.

Samir Yousef Jaber, 26, a Lebanese dentist born of a Kuwaiti mother, was repeatedly stabbed with the cleaver following a disagreement with the four young men at Avenues Mall.

Reports have said that the stabbing occurred when the men followed Jaber into the mall after engaging in a dispute with him over a parking space.

The victim was taken to hospital after the attack, but he succumbed to his wounds.

Murderer of Avenue’s incident caught, #kuwait #avenues


In below video, TV anchor is taking interview of Adel Alhashash (investigators) who explanied that how this sad incident of avenue happened and how police traced and caught this guy (above pic).

According to Adel Alhashash the argument started in parking spot (basement) of avenues mall, The killer was with three friends. They traced the victim, bought the knife from carrefour and stabbed badly to death.

Avenues has helped a lot to investigators by providing required CTV footages but the video was not enough clear to recognize the faces of victims but finally they identified one guy, concern investigator team approached to his home but finally he found from a camp in bneider.  he is 22 years old but remainning three guys still have not been caught.


A young doctor was hacked to death with a cleaver by four men at the Avenues mall late on Friday, allegedly over a parking dispute. The victim, 26-year-old Jaber Samir, a Lebanese dentist at Jabriya clinic whose mother is Kuwaiti, died a few hours later at a hospital. The suspected killer, a 22-year-old non-Kuwaiti, was arrested yesterday, but his three accomplices are still at large, according to Col Adel Al-Hashash, PR Director at the Ministry of Interior. Hashash said that after initial interrogations, the suspect said he and the victim had a dispute over a parking spot which angered him. The suspect then purchased the murder weapon from the mall, followed the victim and stabbed him to death.


Asked about enhancing the deployment of policemen in the Avenues, Hashash said the administration of the mall also shared part of the responsibility.”Our officers are present and we have an office at the mall along with first aid staff to deal with any emergency, but it is a huge mall. The Ministry of Interior had previously suggested and demanded from the mall management to install weapon detectors at all entrances of the mall, similar to the ones installed at hotels. However, they did not respond to our suggestion,” Hashash said.

Some eyewitnesses also said the attackers tried to harass a woman accompanying the victim. “The parents of these criminal teenagers and youngsters are responsible for their bad behavior. They have become careless and are not bothered about their children. They care little where their children go or what they do. If they were properly raised and had strict parents, they would not have dared to commit such a crime,” said 35-year-old Noora.

“Youngsters are able to find light weapons such as knives very easily across Kuwait. Since they always expect to land up in a fight, especially in the shopping malls, they always carry these weapons with them. Often, the result is fatal. Also, the victims and those who commit these crimes are usually very young,” said 28-year-old Ahmad.

Not applying the laws and resorting to wasta is the reason behind these crimes, according to 50-year-old Mahmoud. “Such a person can kill someone whom he doesn’t even know over a silly reason, just because he knows he will not be sentenced to death. If he knew he will get the death penalty, he wouldn’t commit such a crime. Also, wasta plays a great role, as many criminals believe their wasta links will save them even after a serious crime,” he pointed out.

Some regular visitors of this mall said they do not feel safe going there, especially during the weekends. “After the news about fights that I read on weekly basis, I am not surprised by anything. I do not like to visit the mall on weekends, but my daughters insist on going as they have school on other days and their friends are going. So I have to take them. But I cannot let them roam about alone and have to be with them all the time. Also, I always leave a mall before 10:00 pm as I feel it becomes more risky after some shops close,” said 42-year-old Manal.

MPs blamed the Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Humoud Al-Sabah. MP Safa Al-Hashem asked where Sheikh Ahmad was at a time like this, and warned against attempts to use any wasta in favor of the criminals. MP Yousef Al-Zalzalah said that this crime was an evidence of the inability of the government to maintain law and order in the country, and that some veteran officers at the ministry need to be shunted out. He also warned of more problems if the prime minister did not make changes in the Ministry of Interior and rectified the poor choices of ministers.

By Nawara Fattahova and Hanan Al-Saadoun

Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah Bridge – Subiya Causeway

Kuwait signed a contract for the long-delayed $2.6 billion (2.04 billion euro) causeway project with a consortium led by South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co, the local partner said.

The causeway, to be named after late emir Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah, is to link the capital Kuwait City with the northern Subbiya area, which is to become home to the Silk City project.

The project involves construction of 2 sea bridges, one linked to Subbiyah and the other linked to Doha. The first bridge that will be linked to Subbiyah is considered as the main bridge and will be stretching at a length of 37.5 kms beginning from the intersection of Ghazali Street with Jamal Abdul Nasser Street passing through the Kuwait Bay area at the southern direction and ending at the Subbiyah highway. The second bridge which will be linked to Doha will be stretching at a length of 16 kms and will be passing through the Kuwait Bay area, towards the west, it will also pass through the island of Umm Al Namil reaching to Ras Ashairij and then to the Doha highway. The project will also include 2 man made islands of 30 hectares; one on the northern side and the other on the southern side of the bridge which will house maintenance and traffic emergency buildings, fueling stations and boat docks.

There would be two artificial islands and shopping stores.

Video of project

Accident near Jaber Stadium caught on camera, Kuwait

Accident near Jaber Stadium caught on camera, Kuwait

We can forgive but CANNOT FORGET.

We can forgive but CANNOT FORGET.

Oh ,it was little out of routine for me. I was 4 years old and was surprised to see my elder brother and sister that they came back very early from school. My mom shut all the windows & doors and my father was making phone calls.

After a while I started shouting with excitement when the first time I saw my toy ‘TANK’ in real which was really very hugggggee. At the same time I was slapped by mom and became silent :-(

Parents started packing, on asking I got that we are going on a picnic. Oh I was very excited, the moment I saw my mom packing stuff and i also started packing my toys. Now my bag is full with my toys and felt happy. Same time my mom came from the other room, picked my bag, emptied my bag of toys on ground and took it for her use. i was like Ohhhh,… what is this….!

I again started shouting and as usual got one more slap. Then she kissed on my cheek and said that papa will get me new toys. Mom had tears in her eyes then i felt that SOMETHING IS WRONGGGG.

I still remember that i hide my toys (Thundercats, walkytalky, weapons, cars… etc) under the dinning table on the chair with hope that one day i will get all back.

Next day we locked the door and handed over the key to our neighbour. I remember, She (our neighbour) was a long, healthy, +65 and interesting thing is that she was a MOBILE BAKALA of nuts. She always had nuts in her hands for us. When we gave her keys, she wept badly, turn by turn she was looking at our home, at keys and then us. Oh God it was a tough time for my parents and as well as for Kuwait.


I love you Kuwait, I know im not Kuwaiti and anytime some new rule can kick me out. But still i want to live here for as long as i could, with my family, with my love and nice memories.

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