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Pics – Opera Recital in Radisson Blue Hotel Kuwait #kuwait #q8

Thanks Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait for inviting the KUWAIT UPTO DATE and special thanks to all sponsors for organizing such a great event.

Location : Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait, Kuwait.

Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : usman_choudhry


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Opera Recital By Ae Ran Kim #Kuwait #q8


Video message from Kim Kardashian to Kuwait #kuwait @kimkardashian

  • Disclaimer : This video has been published and shared from youtube for all of you and to keep updating the concerned subscribers without any purpose of promoting or demoting any personality or brand.

Kim Kardashian is coming to Kuwait to launch the new Millions of Milkshakes at the Avenues on November 29th 2012.

Sahar Moussa wrote an article on visit of Kim Kardashian to Kuwait.

Sahar Moussa wrote an article on visit of Kim Kardashian to Kuwait.

“Kim Kardashian coming to Kuwait is what I call unacceptable hypocrisy. Kuwait’s billboards confirm that she will be here post Ramadan and some people will get a chance to meet, dine and travel with Kim by subscribing to a well-known magazine by paying KD 60. A draw is set to take place and if you’re the lucky winner, you get to dine with Kim. She is visiting Kuwait to inaugurate the opening of Millions of Milkshakes store in October.

Honestly speaking, I don’t have any problem with Millions of Milkshakes. In fact, I love milk shakes and I will probably be the first person to buy a milkshake when it opens but I have a problem with a person like Kim Kardashian opening it in a country that is “forbidding” almost everything in the name of religion.

Let me be clear here; I really hate judging people, and I do respect everybody’s business when it comes to their private life, but when it is someone like Kim Kardashian who is only known for her obscene movie, voluptuous derriere and fake reality TV show that shows nothing but low morals and a lot of plastic surgeries, then I have a problem.

I still have not forgiven the Islamist party for banning a lot of educational books and music that they claim are against tradition and culture in Kuwait. This also resulted in the closing of Virgin Megastore. I still cannot forgive them for banning so many talented musicians and artistes from entering Kuwait to spread awareness and genuine art. And definitely, I will not forgive them for letting a person who has nothing except low morals and fake attitude to come to Kuwait and spread what message? There are some rumors that Kim apart from opening the Milkshakes store and visiting the US troops in Arifjan will attend some private events. I wonder if she is invited to any Islamist party.”