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Press Release – 6 Nations Cricket Festival


Friday, April 4, 2014 happened to be one of the brightest day for Kuwait Cricket  as the large cricket loving fans all over Kuwait had the satisfaction of watching their favorite teams in action  during the finals of the  Six Nation festival cricket tournament organized by Kuwait Cricket which ended up in a colorful note.
Pakistan selected XI the defending champions, retained their title as the…y prevailed over Indian selected XI by 70 runs to lift the Platinum Cup.  In the morning match, Sri Lanka selected XI defeated Afghsnistan selected XI to bag the Gold Cup and Bangladesh edged the spirited Kuwait XI, comprising of only Kuwait nationals to take the Silver Cup.
The presentation ceremony was graced by the presence of many dignitories to the likes of The Ambassador of Great Briton, H.E. Mr. Frank Baker who released the tournament sovenier. Also present were the Ambassador of Australia, Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Ambassador of Afghanistan, Deputy Head of Mission of Indian Embassy, Charge D’Affairs of Pakistan Embassy and Head of Bangladesh Military mission in Kuwait.
Charge D’Affairs of Pakistan Embassy presented the winning trophy & cash prizes to Pakistan & India teams while the Sri Lankan & Afghanistan Ambassdors presented the Gold Cup & cash prize to Sri Lankan & Afghanistan teams. The Silver Cup & cash prizes were presneted to Bangladesh & Kuwait team by The British Ambassador.
Gulf Bank, NAPESCO, Future Communications,Kuwait Swedish Cleaning Company, Al Andalus Trading Company, Shaheen Air, Al-Hafiz Company & Pakistan Business Council were the main sponsors of this event while Help Desk of Pakistan were the organising partners of this wonderful event.
The co-sponsors who supported this mega event were Oriental Restaurant, , Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Bhasin & Co, Al-Ghannam Tire Center Company, Eastern National Oilfield Services Co, Trans Continental Shipping Services, Al-Rashid International Shipping,  Al-Masafi Trading, Global Dynamics General Trading Co & Channel Media .
Kokan Premier league who had designed the  web site were viewed by 71, 407 persons where as VOOP Media, Times Magazine and  Kuwait Radio provided the much needed support to make this event so successful.

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Indo Pak will meet in finals


Cricket loving fans from all over Kuwait would be eagerly waiting for Friday, April 4, 2014 to watch their favorite teams playing for the Platinum, Gold & Silver Cups in the ongoing 6 Nations festival cricket tournament organized by Kuwait Cricket.

Under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Dhari Fahed Al Ahmad Al Sabah, Kuwait Cricket has blossomed to a very great extend and has so far organized 13 International events which itself  speaks about the organizational capability as well as the trust bestowed on Kuwait Cricket by higher governing bodies to the likes of  International Cricket Council & Asian Cricket Council. Being the sole apex body of governing all cricket activities locally & Internationally, Kuwait Cricket has produced top notch Match officials (umpires), Coaches, Curators and the most latest feather added to the cap of Kuwait Cricket is the successful in formation of a Kuwait National cricket team which includes only Kuwait Nationals who are all set to participate in the Asian games being held in Incheon, South Korea in October 2014..

April 4, 2014 will be the concluding ceremony of this 3 week old tournament where teams to the likes of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Kuwait, Pakistan & Sri Lankan team exhibited their skills against each other. India & Pakistan maintained their perfect unbeaten run and have already sealed their progress to the finals and will be competing for the top order, the Platinum Cup, whereas Sri Lanka & Afghanistan will clash for the Gold Cup and Kuwait XI will take on Bangladesh for the Silver Cup.

 Kuwait Cricket would like to extend its gratitude to the sponsors Gulf Bank, Al- Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Shaheen Air, NAPESCO, Al Hafiz & Company, Al-Ghannam Tires, The Sultan Center, Andalus Trading Co., Future Communications, Global Dynamic Lighting Solutions, Al-Rashed International Shipping Company, Bhasin & Company, Oriental Restaurant, Eastern National Oilfield Services, Zajil Telecom, Al-Masafi, Kuwait Times, Arab times, The Times, Channel Media,VOOP Media & Kuwait Swedish Company for their whole hearted supported & generous contribution to the success of this event.

Kuwait Cricket has arranged mouth-watering lunch & snacks for spectators and the cricket loving fans  can have the opportunity to have attractive & valuable prizes in the lucky draw such as 4o” Color TV sponsored by Andalus Trading Company, latest mobile set from Future Communication, Air ticket sponsored by Shaheen Air and many more prizes.

Kuwait Cricket cordially invites all cricket lovers to watch their teams in action and enjoy the game of cricket to its optimum.

Teams in Action



Sri Lanka Vs. Afghanistan

7:00 AM

Gold Cup

Kuwait Vs. Bangladesh

10:00 AM

Silver Cup

India Vs. Pakistan

2:00 PM

Platinum Cup

4 Nations T20 Cricket 2013. #kuwait #q8 #cricket


4 Nations T20 Cricket Festival in Kuwait.
When: 15th November 2013
Where: TACK Entertainment City Cricket Ground-Doha (Next to Entertainment City)…

Visit of 201 nations including Kuwait, Pakistan and India without flying #kuwait #q8

Visit of 201 nations including Kuwait without flying

Ever wanted to travel to EVERY COUNTRY in the world* in less than four minutes? Well now thanks to Graham Hughes – the first person to visit all 201 nations of the world  including Kuwait, Pakistan and India without flying  – YOU CAN!!

*plus 15 assorted territories



001 Brazil
002 Uruguay
003 Argentina
004 Paraguay
005 Bolivia
006 Chile
007 Peru
008 Ecuador
009 Colombia
010 Venezuela
011 Guyana
012 Suriname


013 Trinidad & Tobago
014 Grenada
015 St. Vincent & The Grenadines
016 Barbados
017 St. Lucia
T01 Martinique
018 Dominica
019 St. Kitts & Nevis
020 Antigua & Barbuda
T02 St. Martin/Sint Maarten
T03 British Virgin Islands
T04 US Virgin Islands
021 Dominican Republic
022 Haiti
023 Jamaica


024 Mexico
025 Guatemala
026 El Salvador
027 Nicaragua
028 Honduras
029 Costa Rica
030 Panama
031 Belize
032 The United States of America
033 The Bahamas
034 Cuba
035 Canada


036 Iceland
T05 The Faroe Islands
037 The Netherlands
038 Belgium
039 France
040 England
041 Wales
042 Ireland
043 Northern Ireland
044 Scotland
045 Luxembourg
046 Germany
047 Denmark
048 Sweden
049 Norway
050 Finland
051 Estonia
052 Russia
053 Latvia
054 Lithuania
055 Belarus
056 Poland
057 The Czech Republic
058 Slovakia
059 Hungary
060 Romania
061 Moldova
062 Ukraine
063 Bulgaria
064 Greece
065 Macedonia
066 Kosovo
067 Montenegro
068 Serbia
069 Albania
070 Croatia
071 Bosnia & Herzegovina
072 Slovenia
073 Austria
074 Liechtenstein
075 Switzerland
076 Italy
077 Vatican City
078 Malta
079 Tunisia (Africa)
080 San Marino
081 Monaco
082 Andorra
083 Spain
084 Portugal


085 Morocco
086 Western Sahara
087 Mauritania
088 Senegal
089 Cape Verde
090 The Gambia
091 Guinea-Bissau
092 Mali
093 Guinea
094 Sierra Leone
095 Liberia
096 Côte D’Ivoire
097 Ghana
098 Togo
099 Benin
100 Burkina Faso
101 Niger
102 Nigeria
103 Cameroon
104 Chad
105 Central African Republic
106 Equatorial Guinea
107 Gabon
108 Saõ Tomé & Principé
109 Congo
110 Democratic Republic of Congo
111 Angola
112 Namibia
113 South Africa
114 Botswana
115 Lesotho
116 Swaziland
117 Mozambique
118 Zimbabwe
119 Malawi
120 Zambia
121 Tanzania
122 Comoros
123 Madagascar
T06 Reunion
124 Mauritius
125 Rwanda
126 Burundi
127 Uganda
128 Kenya
129 Ethiopia
130 Djibouti
131 Somalia


132 Saudi Arabia
133 Egypt (Africa)
134 Sudan (Africa)
135 Jordan
136 Palestine
137 Israel
138 Syria
139 Lebanon
140 Turkey
141 Iraq
142 Cyprus (Europe)
143 Libya (Africa)
144 Algeria (Africa)
145 Georgia
146 Armenia
147 Azerbaijan
148 Kazakhstan
149 Uzbekistan
150 Kyrgyzstan
151 Tajikistan
152 Turkmenistan
153 Afghanistan
154 Iran
155 Kuwait
156 Bahrain
157 Qatar
158 United Arab Emirates
159 Oman
160 Yemen
161 Eritrea (Africa)
162 Pakistan
163 India
164 Bangladesh
165 Bhutan
166 Nepal
T07 Tibet
167 China
168 Mongolia
169 South Korea
170 North Korea
171 Japan
172 Taiwan
173 Vietnam
174 Cambodia
175 Thailand
176 Laos
177 Burma
178 Malaysia
179 Singapore
180 Indonesia
181 Brunei
182 The Philippines
183 East Timor


184 Papua New Guinea
185 Solomon Islands
186 Australia
T08 New Caledonia
187 Vanuatu
188 Fiji
189 Tuvalu     T09 Wallis
T10 Futuna
190 Kiribati
191 Marshall Islands
192 Samoa
T11 American Samoa
193 Tonga
194 New Zealand
195 Nauru
T12 Northern Mariana Islands
T13 Guam
196 Micronesia
197 Palau
T14 Hong Kong
T15 Macau


198 Sri Lanka
199 The Maldives
200 The Seychelles
201 South Sudan

Peace One Day , First time in Kuwait.

Peace One Day , First time in Kuwait.

CAP – Contemporary Art Platform, Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Friday, 21st September 2012
5:30pm until 9:30pm


On the 21st of September 2012, the day of international peace approved by the United Nations, CAP are bringing, for the first time, Peace One Day to Kuwait, to raise awareness of peace in the region and to create a local unity that can ripple out onto a global unity for peace. The Art Salon, an art movement of composed of artists & designers & musicians of all nationalities that live & work in Kuwait, is hosting “Peace One Day – Global Truce” in Kuwait for the first time, by having an art exhibition to honor global peace. Join us if you support global peace. Children are welcome. We want them to grow up understanding & supporting peace.

5:50pm – Introductions
6:00pm – Kuwait Riders & Venetian Riders will enter and preform.
6:15pm – Release of the Pigeons.
6:20pm – Puppet show by Dalia Al-Hadi.
6:30pm – Hassan Karam (saxophone and violin)
7:00pm till 7:15pm – Poetry from the LOYAC volunteers.
7:15pm – Puppet show by Dalia Al-Hadi.
7:30pm – Abdullatif From Loyac (violin)
8:00pm till 8:30pm – Basil Al-Hadi Karrouhat band.
9:00pm – Hassan karam from Loyac (saxophone)
9:15pm – Open band
Art sales will be going on throughout the event.

Location: CAP – Contemporary Art Platform, Shuwaikh, Kuwait
For exact location by Map apply following points in google map 29.32295,47.954861 or click on below link for map and contacts