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Kuwait New Airport #kuwait #q8

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New traffic law updates #kuwait #q8 #traffic

new_nMaximum Speeds in External Roads and interlinking Roads is 120 Km/h and at a minimum of 80 Km/h, For trucks (80 km/h Max, 60 km/h Min). For all the roads leading between the 2nd and 6th Ring road the speed will be reduced to 100 Km/h, the minimum speed will be 50 Km/h. For Trucks (Max 60, Min 45). For All the roads between the 2nd Ring Road and the First, the speed has been reduced to 80 Km/h and a minimum of 40 Km/h. The Maximum Speed for the Fifth Ring Road will be decreased to 100 Km/h between the King Abdulaziz Road to Andalous. The Speed on the First Ring Road will be increased to 100 Km/h west around the city. The maximum Speeds from the First Ring Road until the Fourth Ring Road shall all be set at 80 km/h. In The city, the maximum driving speed would be 45 Km/h.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Celebration with AlKout Mall #kuwait #q8 #hny


Music Rocker in Kuwait #musicrocker #music #kuwiat #q8



A brand from Germany. “Now in Kuwait”.
Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : @usman_choudhry

Today we were invited on soft opening of  “Music Rocker”, situated in Avenues Mall at Ground Floor (Contact # 22200905).  A  unique styled musical chair with innovative design in the world of furniture.  A chair has multifunctional features where luxuries, comfort and music available together in one chair. Music Rocker chairs are designed especially with German technology in comforts and incorporates built-in-speakers and subwoofers attached to it.

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Music Rocker is not just a chair with sound, it creates an action vibration audio, so that you can feel and hear the power, the beat and the energy of the sound waves jamming from your chair. It can be connected to any music device like Smart phones, Tablet PCs, ipads, Music Players, Play Stations, Xbox and many more music devices. ASC_4569

HNY 2014 in style in Cavalli Caffe #kuwait #q8 #hny #2014