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Costume Theme Party. #kuwait #q8


Costume theme party.
Costume party (pay 6 KD and get free of charge: 3KD, face painting, costume dress, and entrance to the party)
• Date: 31/10 to 1/11 two days.
• Location: Al Rai (City Stars) Branch and Casper’s Scare School in LIWAN Mall in the same time and date.
• Thursday from 6-9 pm and Friday from 4-9 pm

Photos – Grand Diwali Mela conducted in Messilah Beach by DPCS #kuwait #q8

Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : @usman_choudhry




Afaf Al Essa Exhibition #kuwait #q8


Bahraini artists exhibition #kuwait #q8


Waki Day – The biggest water sports event in Kuwait. #kuwait #q8

Waki Day – The biggest water sports event in Kuwait.

Wake Boarding & Padle boarding Competition.
Live DJ & MC througout the day.
Entertainment area such as beach volleyball, Beach football courts for kids and families.
The asian champion performing a professional show.
Inflatable water aqua park.

IMG-20131021-WA0046 IMG-20131021-WA0045