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NEWYORK CITY Event, Kuwait.

NEWYORK CITY Event, Kuwait.

It would be our pleasure to invite you to Carnival that will be on the 3rd OCT 2012 Wednesday.
It will take place at 52 degrees, Tilal complex, Shuwaikh on from 4 to 10 pm.
Carnival will include various activities and will highlight some of kuwaiti individual talents.

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Kuwait Rally Championsh​ip 2012 Round 1 Official Program

Kuwait Rally Championsh​ip 2012 Round 1 Official Program

Kuwait Rally Championsh​ip 2012 Round 1 Official Program
(Click on pic for better view)

Thanks Dana Assaf (Deputy Rally Manager) Kuwait.

Violation by law maker, Kuwait.

Violation by law maker, Kuwait.

This pic we found from Al-Qabas where two Airport Policemen are doing smoking in airport. As per Arabtimes a group of Kuwaiti lawyers who have sent a warning to the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation which is responsible for managing the affairs at the Kuwait International Airport
It is sad that law maker doing violation who are supposed to enforce the law.

Peace One Day , First time in Kuwait.

Peace One Day , First time in Kuwait.

CAP – Contemporary Art Platform, Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Friday, 21st September 2012
5:30pm until 9:30pm


On the 21st of September 2012, the day of international peace approved by the United Nations, CAP are bringing, for the first time, Peace One Day to Kuwait, to raise awareness of peace in the region and to create a local unity that can ripple out onto a global unity for peace. The Art Salon, an art movement of composed of artists & designers & musicians of all nationalities that live & work in Kuwait, is hosting “Peace One Day – Global Truce” in Kuwait for the first time, by having an art exhibition to honor global peace. Join us if you support global peace. Children are welcome. We want them to grow up understanding & supporting peace.

5:50pm – Introductions
6:00pm – Kuwait Riders & Venetian Riders will enter and preform.
6:15pm – Release of the Pigeons.
6:20pm – Puppet show by Dalia Al-Hadi.
6:30pm – Hassan Karam (saxophone and violin)
7:00pm till 7:15pm – Poetry from the LOYAC volunteers.
7:15pm – Puppet show by Dalia Al-Hadi.
7:30pm – Abdullatif From Loyac (violin)
8:00pm till 8:30pm – Basil Al-Hadi Karrouhat band.
9:00pm – Hassan karam from Loyac (saxophone)
9:15pm – Open band
Art sales will be going on throughout the event.

Location: CAP – Contemporary Art Platform, Shuwaikh, Kuwait
For exact location by Map apply following points in google map 29.32295,47.954861 or click on below link for map and contacts


Nadine Al-Rassi in Kuwait.

Nadine Al-Rassi in Kuwait.

Lebanese actress Nadine Al-Rassi in Marina Mall to unveil the new range of hair care products of PARACHUTE GOLD.

Nadine Al Rassi
Nadine Al Rassi is a professional Lebanese actress.

Nadine Rassi also known as Nadine El Rassi was originally a model and the face of Noun Magazine for women. She later took roles in many television series and movies.

Nadine Al Rassi is enlisted in Top 100 Sexiest Arab Women 2010.

TV Series

Maitre Nada a comedy on LBC 2009 in which Nadine took the role of Maitre Nada.

Kalam Neswan a series for Ramadan 2009 on MBC.

Aasr El Harim a series on LBC 2009 in which she took the role of Principal role of Leila with Antoine Kerbaj and Elsi Ferneini.


In 2009 Nadine took the main role in the 2008 Thriller movie Khallik Ma3ealong opposite Ammar Chalak.

Nadine has been acting since the early years of 2000, she appeared in many television series and plays, her name was attached to the following names

Queen Nefertiti, Zenobia, Familia, Ibni, Ghannoujit Bayia, Zaman El Awghad, El Hall B Idak

In addition to acting and in the beginning for her career, Nadine El Rassi took role in major advertisments for the following brand names:
Galaxy chocolate, Fantasia chips, Pantene Shampoo, Head and Shoulders Shampoo, Noun Magazine and more.

Parachute Gold
Known to provide extra nourishment, extra moisturizing, intensive care, and anti-dandruff control, Parachute Gold provides Arab women in the Middle East and North Africa with the wellness attributes of coconut oil, with proven ability to provide deep and nourishing effects to all three layers of hair.

Parachute Gold oil products are non-sticky and light, and provide a pleasant aroma. Parachute gold cream, additionally, has the ability to reduce hair breakage by locking the protein inside the hair shaft and controlling dryness of hair.

The Parachute Gold range guarantees stronger hair, increased protection, and improvement in hair growth, while reducing split-ends, breakages, and protein loss.