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Jamal Abdulnasser Road Development Project Kuwait

Pics & Video – Formula 1 Show at Gulf Road @fanscarlosainz @carlosainz @RedBullKuwait @redbull

Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : @usman_choudhry

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New traffic law updates #kuwait #q8 #traffic

new_nMaximum Speeds in External Roads and interlinking Roads is 120 Km/h and at a minimum of 80 Km/h, For trucks (80 km/h Max, 60 km/h Min). For all the roads leading between the 2nd and 6th Ring road the speed will be reduced to 100 Km/h, the minimum speed will be 50 Km/h. For Trucks (Max 60, Min 45). For All the roads between the 2nd Ring Road and the First, the speed has been reduced to 80 Km/h and a minimum of 40 Km/h. The Maximum Speed for the Fifth Ring Road will be decreased to 100 Km/h between the King Abdulaziz Road to Andalous. The Speed on the First Ring Road will be increased to 100 Km/h west around the city. The maximum Speeds from the First Ring Road until the Fourth Ring Road shall all be set at 80 km/h. In The city, the maximum driving speed would be 45 Km/h.

Against animal cruelty campaign #kuwait #q8


DEL PIERO in Kuwait #kuwait #q8 #football

Meet Del Piero in Kuwait:
Where: AlRoudan Tournament Hall – Da’iya Area.
When: Today (Friday) at 3:00 pm.

Alessandro Del Piero Ufficiale OMRI is an Italian World Cup-winning footballer who plays for Sydney FC in the A-League. He is third in the ranking of Italian all-time top scorers.



Video – Best goals by Del Piero.