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The Science of Street Performance #kuwait #q8


The Seen Bazaar

The Seen Bazaar

Visit of Alaujairy’s Astronomical Museum #kuwait #q8

Everyone of us like to stare at stars while camping and hangout in deserts, But this time Kuwait Science Club has opened Astronomical Museum name “Alaujairy’s Astronomical Museum” where you can enjoy the universe around the earth with 3d effect videos which is its first kind of Museum in Kuwait but I don’t know whether in gulf too or not. Yesterday I had a short visit of this museum but my bad that my DSLR camera was not with me and my phone didn’t support me in low light, still something is better then nothing.

Almost everyone of us know Dr. Saleh Moahmmed Alaujairy, The one and only who is known as the backbone of all Astronomical field development in Kuwait and part of our universities syllabus or in other words we can say that it was his dream comes true in shape of “Al Aujairy’s Astronomical Museum”.

As I stepped in, it really felt me like that now I am very far from earth, For a while you will really find you very close to stars and planets with sound effects. They has placed real stones from moon and many more astronomical stuff & telescopes…etc







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Kuwaiti Flag :-) inspired by Felix Baumgartner

KUWAIT SCIENCE CLUB with the support of Meteorology Directorate General of Civil Aviation had tried to sent the Flag of Kuwait into space with a gas baloon and recorded the movie .