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Pakistan’s Sub Marine near Shuwaikh.

Kuwait VS Neuchatel , American Football in Kuwait #kuwait #q8


Racing track in Kuwait #kuwait #q8

Soon (within week) The first Racing Track will open in Shuwaikh, Kuwait.

Photos – Music concert for PEACE ONE DAY in Kuwait #peaceoneday #kuwait #q8

Photos – Music concert for PEACE ONE DAY in Kuwait.
Location : Shuwaikh
Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : usman_choudhry





Photos – Peace one day – Kuwait #kuwait #q8

CAP Kuwait had organized the event with the objectives to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace organized in CAP Kuwait Shuwaikh. The objective of the event is to awareness of Peace around us and KUWAIT UPTO DATE has worked with them as an official media partner to raise the values of peace around us.

Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : @usman_choudhry


What is peace ?

Shurooq Amin – Peace to me is when you have so much love in your heart that it radiates to everyone around you and pushes all negatively out of the way. When you love people, Love animals, Love nature, Love yourself there is no room for hatred or evil or war. When you smile and say good morning to a stranger and they just frown and grumble and ignore you, rest assured that they will remember you smile and be ashamed alter in their own privacy. Your simple will affect them eventually hatred for others stems from hatred for oneself and this is what results in arguments and negatively and war, Love for others, however, results in peace on both a small, personal level and one a universal scale.

Amira Behbehani – If you ask me, What is peace ? It is a feeling that opens your heart to the world because of a positive act. Its that chain of senses that connects you and drags you towards love to breath it and give it away to others whoever,, whatever,, whenever they are.

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