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Kuwaiti Anthem while Sky diving. #kuwait #q8 #halafeb #kwfeb2014

Song “Tere Desh Mein” by Kuwait based band “The Overseas Project” #kuwaitoverseasproject #kuwait #q8 #music #kuwaitmusic

Kuwait based band “The Overseas Project” has released one more song “Tere Desh Mein” a song that delivers a message of peace.

Vocal/Lyrics: Amitabh Sengupta
Music by: Majid Mauj / Hasib Reza
Produced by: Hasib Reza
© 2013 All copyrights reserved by The Overseas Project ®.

Photos – Music concert for PEACE ONE DAY in Kuwait #peaceoneday #kuwait #q8

Photos – Music concert for PEACE ONE DAY in Kuwait.
Location : Shuwaikh
Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : usman_choudhry





Big D – No More Sorrow (Produced by Kuwaiti guy)

Finally the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here…. Wussup people this is my NEW Music Video that we filmed in South Africa…This is a rare track actually a super rare track that finally came together as my new music video some real hip hop. This music video was completely shot in South Africa 80% of it was filmed by my girlfriend Daleen Van Der Walt with our new canon 650D camera she always gives me full support and she never fails to satisfy me completely, I would lay my life down for that girl, I love you baby thank you, and 20% of this music video was filmed my boy “Jaco Nel” he took over with the filming when my girlfriend was not available . Jaco also played the guitar in the intro with Band Acoustikallie band leader Francois Toppi Fourie, I would also like thank Edwin Booysen” for helping organize some good footages as well. The video footages were edited by Chris Wilkey we had to send the footages all the way to him in the U.K, he is also the Operator of “The Candy Farm”, Thank you so much Chris he deserves the biggest token of appreciation for making my vision a reality, and the song was recorded in Kuwait and with everyone’s help we will share this one worldwide. The KGR movement proudly presents to you all my new music video “No More Sorrow” I hope to get your support and don’t forget to share your feedback repost this music video on your walls let everyone see it, I would highly appreciate it

Peace Song ( Studio version 2012 ) by Karrouhat Band , Kuwait .

Karrouhat Band played the song on Peace One Day 21 Sep 2012 live at CAP
Lyrics & composing by Basil Al7adi
Peace One Day Kuwait Global Truce 2012
Peace One Day Jeremy Gilley 2012

Karrouhat Bank :
Karrouhat Studio (the factory) ,A Visual and Sound Art project , it sends a planetary messages released by individuals’ interaction with the social reality, Committed to support the alternative art of music and film making industry.
“It is not that necessary to obtain a high-tech expensive devices, as much as having the capacity of open-enlightened brain” – Basil 7adi
Karrouhat is not and will never be shaped in a specific way, it is an idea where the changes around us could be accommodated and represented, and where each individual on this lonely planet plays a role in this humanity project.