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Supposed to be my HELP desk #kuwait #q8 #shaheensayyed

embassy3Embassy represents our country in aboard.Embassy is the only place in aboard where we can feel comfortable, fearless ,free to speech and discuss our problems.  But most of the Embassies i feel are helpless whenever you go their with your problems, instead of getting help we get to hear excuses.  We are treated like strangers and most of the time we feel helpless.

Violation by law maker, Kuwait.

Violation by law maker, Kuwait.

This pic we found from Al-Qabas where two Airport Policemen are doing smoking in airport. As per Arabtimes a group of Kuwaiti lawyers who have sent a warning to the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation which is responsible for managing the affairs at the Kuwait International Airport
It is sad that law maker doing violation who are supposed to enforce the law.