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Mommy & Me Time #millyminime #Kuwait #q8 #mothersday


Halloween time by Fantasy World. #kuwait #q8


Abdullah (Kuwaiti) performed live with Enrique as his fan.

One Kuwaiti named Abdullah got chance to perform with Enrique on stage as his fan in Dubai at Burj Halifa.


Grand Cinemas launches its first location in Kuwait

Selim Ramia & Co announced yesterday that Grand Cinemas, the region’s leading theatre chain, will open its doors to the public for the first time in Kuwait on October 26th. Located in the country’s tallest skycraper, Al Hamra Tower, Kuwait.

James Bond film, Skyfall. The new cinema will offer Kuwait residents an unforgettable experience, starting with the exclusive release of the highly anticipated James Bond film, Skyfall.

Grand Cinema In keeping with this desirable address, Grand Cinemas at Al Hamra Luxury Center offers customers only the best. With eight spectacular screens and the first Grand Class theatre for VIP luxury, the cinema has a total of 1450 seats. From the moment consumers enter the spacious, stylish main lobby, they can feel the Grand Cinemas difference. All screens are uniquely equipped with the latest digital technology, including 4K projectors capable of a whopping 8 million megapixels – a first in Kuwait.

Via KuwaitTimes

Peace One Day , First time in Kuwait.

Peace One Day , First time in Kuwait.

CAP – Contemporary Art Platform, Shuwaikh, Kuwait

Friday, 21st September 2012
5:30pm until 9:30pm


On the 21st of September 2012, the day of international peace approved by the United Nations, CAP are bringing, for the first time, Peace One Day to Kuwait, to raise awareness of peace in the region and to create a local unity that can ripple out onto a global unity for peace. The Art Salon, an art movement of composed of artists & designers & musicians of all nationalities that live & work in Kuwait, is hosting “Peace One Day – Global Truce” in Kuwait for the first time, by having an art exhibition to honor global peace. Join us if you support global peace. Children are welcome. We want them to grow up understanding & supporting peace.

5:50pm – Introductions
6:00pm – Kuwait Riders & Venetian Riders will enter and preform.
6:15pm – Release of the Pigeons.
6:20pm – Puppet show by Dalia Al-Hadi.
6:30pm – Hassan Karam (saxophone and violin)
7:00pm till 7:15pm – Poetry from the LOYAC volunteers.
7:15pm – Puppet show by Dalia Al-Hadi.
7:30pm – Abdullatif From Loyac (violin)
8:00pm till 8:30pm – Basil Al-Hadi Karrouhat band.
9:00pm – Hassan karam from Loyac (saxophone)
9:15pm – Open band
Art sales will be going on throughout the event.

Location: CAP – Contemporary Art Platform, Shuwaikh, Kuwait
For exact location by Map apply following points in google map 29.32295,47.954861 or click on below link for map and contacts