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Red Arrows Jets Team coming to Kuwait #kuwait #q8 @RedArrowsUK

Sca-08-491-Raw-Unc-The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, is to display in Dubai as part of a major Middle East tour.
The team is also expected to perform at Al Ain and in Abu Dhabi, both in the United Arab Emirates and in Kuwait, Oman and Qatar.
Visits will also be made to Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It is hoped thousands of people will watch the Red Arrows during the five-week tour of the region. Those at the displays will see the Team’s distinctive red jets perform a series of precision formations and dynamic loops and rolls.

The provisional display schedule for the Red Arrows Middle East Tour 2013 is below – this is subject to change

• November 7 – Qatar
• November 10 – Bahrain
• November 13 – Oman
• November 16 – Dubai
• November 17 – Dubai Air Show
• November 18 – Dubai Air Show
• November 19 – Dubai Air Show
• November 20 – Dubai Air Show
• November 21 – Dubai Air Show
• November 21 – Dubai Seafront
• November 24 – Abu Dhabi
• November 26 – Kuwait
• November 30 – Al Ain Air Show
• December 1 – Al Ain Air Show
• December 2 – Al Ain Air Show

Five died in Jahra due to accident #kuwait #q8 #accident

Five people, including 3 children were killed and 11 others injured in a terrible accident occurred at dawn on Friday in Kuwait on the road to the liver located in Jahra, resulting in a collision vehicle pole electric led burned to the ground, was handed over the bodies to the forensic evidence, while the injured were taken to Farwaniya Hospital for treatment, and later turned out that the vehicle was carrying two families Kuwaiti and UAE.

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Most powerful lady in Kuwait #kuwait

Kuwaiti lady Suad Al Humaidi has placed as the most powerful woman in Kuwait and she is on number 10 as most powerful woman from all over the gulf.

Profile : A regular fixture on the CEO Middle East list, Suad Al Humaidi is often considered an ambassador for businesswomen across the region. The Kuwaiti national owns a group commercial and residential complexes in her country.
She is also a member of The Property Owners Union in Kuwait.
Al Humaidi is president of the Suad Al Humaidi Group of Companies.
She is also a member of the board of management for Sradar (Audi Bank) in Lebanon, owns stakes in several banks across Kuwait including the National Bank of Kuwait and also owns a hotel and residential tower in Beirut.

#Kuwaiti’s #Performance – #Arab #Motocross #Championship

In Arab Motocross Championship in U.A.E, Kuwaiti riders has showed a better performance in both rounds as you can see on result sheet, Hope to see on next time with more better results, Best of Luck Kuwait.