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Kuwaiti woman gets death sentence for murdering Filipina maid #kuwait #q8 #murder

Kuwait’s supreme court upheld Monday, November 25, a death sentence against a woman for murdering her Filipina maid after torturing her, and confirmed a 10-year sentence on her disabled husband.

The ruling is final and cannot be challenged but could be commuted to a life term by the ruler of the Gulf emirate. Executions in Kuwait are carried out by hanging.

The Kuwaiti woman was convicted of premeditated murder based on evidence that she had regularly tortured her maid before driving over her in a remote desert area.

The husband was handed the jail term for “assisting her,” according to a copy of the ruling.

The couple were both sentenced to death by the lower court in February last year. Three months later, the appeals court upheld the death penalty against the woman but commuted the sentence against her husband to 10 years in jail.

According to the ruling, the woman beat her maid for several days until her health deteriorated. The couple then took the maid “unconscious” to a remote area in the desert where they threw her from the back seat of the car and then drove over her until she died.

More than 100,000 Filipinos, many of them women working as maids, live in Kuwait, where some 600,000 domestic helpers, mostly Asians, are employed.

Woman in Black #kuwait #q8


‘A man walks into a run-down Victorian theatre to tell his story..’

Proud and solitary, Eel Marsh House surveys the windswept reaches of the salt marshes beyond Nine Lives Causeway. Arthur Kipps, a junior solicitor, is summoned to attend the funeral of Mrs Alice Drablow, the house’s sole inhabitant, unaware of the tragic secrets which lie hidden behind the shuttered windows. It is not until he glimpses a wasted young woman dressed all in black at the funeral, that a creeping sense of unease begins to take hold.  This feeling is deepened by the reluctance of the locals to talk of the woman in black – and her terrible purpose.

Years later, as an old man, he recounts his experiences to an actor in a desperate attempt to exorcise the ghosts of the past. The play unfolds around the conversations of these two characters as they act out the solicitor’s experiences on Eel Marsh all those years ago.

Directed by Hamad Al Jenaie Produced by Alison Shan Price Featuring Brian McLaughlin as Arthur Kipps Yousef Al Nasser as The Actor Tickets are priced at KD7. To book tickets, please contact  Join us for a night that will have you thrilled beyond belief.

Get into the Rush, Kuwait #kuwait #q8

Get into the Rush
Via p0ach

RoadRush is an annual friendly racing competition for women currently in its third year. RoadRush is the first Circuit Event organized by Kuwaiti women. This is an opportunity for participants to spend two days behind the wheel of a their sport’s car and drive in Bahrain’s International Circuit track. Full safety and the enjoyment of our participants is our main concern. Having the supply of experienced and highly qualified instructors and professional racers will enable this event to be conducted in a fun, safe, and secure environment. RoadRush will be held on March 8th and 9th of 2013 in Bahrain International Circuit. Registration starts today and Thursday January 30th and 31th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm at Pino Flowers, Salhiya.(Tickets for audiences are available)

For more information:
Call: +965-69000690

Proud of Kuwait’s Women’s Football team! 1-1 tie with Maldives. Kuwait #kuwait

Proud of Kuwait’s Women’s Football team! 1-1 tie with Maldives.
It was a last minute goal.
Location : Qadsiya Stadium, Kuwait.

Ladies Racing Night , Kuwait .

Ladies Racing Night , Kuwait .

A fun race, dedicated to all females of Kuwait, to build a team, race, manage and win great prizes for the 4 hours race.
4 hours race, using one Go Kart car, changing drivers with about 1 hour duration for each driver will develop a great experience and build a fantastic team work skills along with fun pictures captured by our professional racing photographers and cameramen.
An opportunity for girls to practice motor sports in a safe, professional, fun and a GIRLY mood.

Key notes

Race date: 24th November 2012.
Race structure: lap race ( best time, best lap)
Race duration: 4 hours.
Race laps: 10 laps per team.
Team structure: 6 players ( manager- technician- 4 drivers).
Team gender: females only.
Team age: 16 years to grandmothers age.
Race location: ProKart Racing zone.
Number of teams: 20 teams

Event activities
Exhibition for all sponsors starts from 10 am until 10 pm.
Opening ceremony for race starts 1 pm.
Race starts 2 pm until 6 pm.
Mothers race (FUN RACE) starts 6:30 pm.
Awarding ceremony starts 7 pm until 8 pm.

Race prizes
First winner (team) 500K.D
First winner ( Fun race) 500K.D
Best lap winner (individual) 250K.D

Team Registration
Please order a team registration form through

, also visit Dovren Events page on facebook to learn more about the racing day and results.
Racing suites are required ( unified colour for each team is a must).
Team name is a must, make sure to choose a unique name and state it in form along with team suites colour.
Registration fees for team is 50 K.D per Person.
Registration fees for Mothers Fun Race is 20 K.D.
Last day of registration is 24th October 2012.
Racing suites available upon request, kindly contact 50593193 to place order and give measurements.