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King of comedy, Kapil Sharma in Kuwait #Kuwait #q8


Photos & Video – Dhoom Macha Le – Season 2 #kuwait #q8

Dhoom Macha Le – Season 2

Photographer : Usman Choudhry
Instagram : usman_choudhry

Thanks Indian Youth Studio and D-Illusions for inviting the KUWAIT UPTO DATE on DHOOM MACHA LE – Season 2.  DHOOM MACHA LE was a dance competition to bring out the dancing talent of Indians in Kuwait which was judge by the Bollywood dancing judge and choreographer DANCE INDIA DANCE FAME Terence Lewis & compared by the Aman Verma.

Video :

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Lets stamp our name in World Guinness Book.

Lets stamp our name in World Guinness Book.

One group of Kuwaiti youth are planning to make a big human flag of Kuwait by wearing different colours (Red, Green, White and Black) and standing according to the pattern of flag.

So for this p
urpose they are looking for 5000 volunteers to build this flag. If you are interested to be a part of this flag, plz contact them on following numbers 55855950 / 55110897.

It will be held in Sabah Al Salem Stadium in Al-Mansouriah on 8th November 2012.

64.5 % of youth of Kuwait is inactive, Oh.

The most positive activities of youth of any country lead to a successful country. According to worldwide survey by and Lancet, The Kuwait is on top 20 countires whose 64.5 % of youth is inactive.

Boys: 56.9 %
Girls: 72.1 %
Boys & Girls: 64.5 %

I dont know how they did this survey but i surprised that out of every 100 boys, 56 boys and out of every 100 girls, 72 girls are declared as inactive nation of the Kuwait.   May be im not good in observation but according to me, Now the situation is little different, Most of the Kuwaiti youth really trying to involve in different positive activities and socialising. I know many of my friends who are engage in different social jobs and sports activities.