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Video message from Kim Kardashian to Kuwait #kuwait @kimkardashian

  • Disclaimer : This video has been published and shared from youtube for all of you and to keep updating the concerned subscribers without any purpose of promoting or demoting any personality or brand.

Kim Kardashian is coming to Kuwait to launch the new Millions of Milkshakes at the Avenues on November 29th 2012.

Kuwaiti Flag :-) inspired by Felix Baumgartner

KUWAIT SCIENCE CLUB with the support of Meteorology Directorate General of Civil Aviation had tried to sent the Flag of Kuwait into space with a gas baloon and recorded the movie .

Video of Sulfur Gas leakage and blast in Roudhatain

A Sulfur gas leak took place while drilling an oil well Wednesday afternoon at Al-Roudhatain oil field, said security sources noting that the annoying smell of sulfur gas reached s far as Kuwaiti city as repor
ted by many citizens and expatriates.

Note: As per email of subscriber that today it has happened twice, once in morning and second one right now.

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Peace Song ( Studio version 2012 ) by Karrouhat Band , Kuwait .

Karrouhat Band played the song on Peace One Day 21 Sep 2012 live at CAP
Lyrics & composing by Basil Al7adi
Peace One Day Kuwait Global Truce 2012
Peace One Day Jeremy Gilley 2012

Karrouhat Bank :
Karrouhat Studio (the factory) ,A Visual and Sound Art project , it sends a planetary messages released by individuals’ interaction with the social reality, Committed to support the alternative art of music and film making industry.
“It is not that necessary to obtain a high-tech expensive devices, as much as having the capacity of open-enlightened brain” – Basil 7adi
Karrouhat is not and will never be shaped in a specific way, it is an idea where the changes around us could be accommodated and represented, and where each individual on this lonely planet plays a role in this humanity project.

Kuwait University City .

The Kuwait University plans to develop the Kuwait University City (KU City), a educational complex in Shadadiyah, 20 km west of Kuwait City. KU City will spread over a 4.9 million m² area. It will consist of three campuses including 16 colleges and support faculties, a hospital, a hotel, a housing complex, sports facilities, auditoriums and so forth. Upon its completion in 2015, the city will have the capacity to accommodate up to 40,000 students.